Since SCOAN Visit, No More PAIN!!!

“Good morning and win today! My name is Phumla Mpupu from South Africa. I’m a Medical technologist working in one of South Africa’s biggest diagnostic laboratories. On 23rd January 2016 I slipped at work and hurt my right foot as I was looking for the sample to process a test requested by a doctor. I

Declared Free From Cancerous Symptoms!!!

“Emmanuel!!! Good Morning & Win Today!!! My name is Theodora Sagoe from United States. I suffered an EXCRUCIATING PAIN in my lower abdomen and heavy bleeding with blood clots. It was so bad an emergency surgery to remove my uterus entirely was suggested. But I prayed with  Prophet TB Joshua when he gave the sermon


Good morning Prophet TB Joshua and Emmanuel TV Team. My name is Pelagia Chakona from South Africa. I woke up one morning after having a terrible nightmare.I felt as if my nose had ‘breadcrumbs’ moving up and down accompanied with dry lips. My chest had sharp pains which I could feel the moment I bent

My Healing From Lung Infection!!!

Dear Emmanuel TV Team, praise the Lord! I am Tai Mindo from Arunachal Pradesh State from India. I had the problem of lung infection. As a result, I suffered intense pain in my chest. I had gone to hospital and taken medication but the disease still remained in my body. One day, while I was

REVIVED From A Coma!!!

“Good Morning! I am Iohannis from Oradea. Romania, the father of Deborah. She complained of stomach pain and we went to the hospital where she was found to have abdominal tumours. After some treatment, she was transferred to another state, the children’s hospital at Timisoara, where they operated on her to remove one of the

HEALING From COVID-19 Through Emmanuel TV!!!

“Emmanuel. My name is Rose Mukanya, I live in South Africa and I work in hospital as a Radiographer. I am sending my testimony to give other brethren courage to know distance is not a barrier and to just believe! On 6th July 2020, I was not feeling well as almost all of my colleagues

COVID-19 Healing Testimony!!!

“Good Morning and Win Today. My name is Millen Mapunda from Malawi. I tested COVID-19 positive. I contracted this disease while in my line of duty. I am a nurse by profession and I volunteered to take care of COVID-19 patients. While in isolation, I began to experience some signs and symptoms of COVID-19 such


“My name is Akaeze Kido, a Nigerian. It all started in 2013 when I was in South Africa. I traveled to South Africa in 2011 but upon getting there, I discovered things were not as I thought. Then in 2013 I developed severe depression. This spirit of depression tormented me to the extent that I


“I am Eunice Osei from Ghana. I want to glorify the God of Prophet TB Joshua for this incredible healing I received through “Distance Is Not A Barrier Interactive Prayer’. I had this severe pain at my right spine for some time, for which I resorted to painkillers. However,  in the last three days, it


“Good Morning and Win Today. I am Harriet Nelly Kalua, a widow aged 60 years and mother of four children from Lusaka, Zambia. In 2003, I developed sight problems which required me to wear double lens glasses to aid with sight and reading. I was unable to read or drive without wearing these spectacles. In

HEALED From Piles!!!

“Good Morning and Win Today. My name is Mavuto Zulu from South Africa. I am here to glorify God regarding what He has done for me through praying along with Emmanuel TV on the ‘Distance Is Not A Barrier Interactive Prayer Sessions’. I had a problem of piles which I discovered when I was seventeen

Healed Of Massive Multiple Fibroids Through Emmanuel TV!!!

“My name is Juan Broomes. I am 51 years of age and I am from Barbados. I was suffering from multiple fibroids for many years. I was told this by my doctor when I was pregnant with my son 29 years ago. For many years I ignored the fact even though I had many symptoms


Emmanuel! My name is Lesego Desiree Bareng from South Africa. Today marks a miracle in my life! As I was sitting today, preparing for my test, I was watching Emmanuel TV and praying with Prophet TB Joshua. I had not been seeing my menstruation since last year due to an injection. The focus of my

Healed From Nerve Pain In INDIA!!!

Hello Man of God! My name is Sumalatha from India. I was suffering from nerve pain for more than a month. Yesterday, the pain became so severe that I. couldn’t sleep at night. I kept watching the miracles God used you to do on Facebook. Then I took my Bible, thought of you and started

From PAGANISM to CHRISTIANITY: My Encounter With GOD Through Emmanuel TV!!!

“Hi. My name is Msizi Wiseman Malinga. I grew up as a child worshipping God in the Roman Catholic Church but as time went on, people began telling me many negative things about the Christian religion and Jesus Christ, so I ended up practising paganism. One day, I found one of my roommates watching Emmanuel


“Good Morning and Win Today! My name is Teboho Edwin Chaane from South Africa. Last week, I was suffering from gastro-reflux. I was burping heavily and feeling chest pains and shortness of breath. As Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying for the sick on television, I joined in and under the influence of his powerful prayer,

Daughter Healed From ASTHMA At The SCOAN!

“Good Morning and Win Today, people God! Our names are Nchekwube and Emeka Okafor; my two kids are Dubem and Chinelo Okafor. We visited The SCOAN last year July from Phoenix, Arizona in USA. The main reason for our visit was my 10 year daughter Chinelo’s asthma condition that started at the age of three

Healing Of Wrist Pain Through INTERACTIVE PRAYER!

“Good Morning and Win Today! My name is Margaret Oben from Cameroon. I want to testify this early morning of God’s mercy in my life! For some weeks now I have been having severe pain in my wrists, especially my left wrist. This came about as a result of e-learning. I am a teacher by

Ceased Menstruation RESTORED After Interactive Prayer Session!

“Good Morning and Win Today! My name is Febby Zulu from Zambia. During the last Interactive Prayer Session on Emmanuel TV, I received my own deliverance. The power of God was so much that I trembled and shook vigorously and my tummy felt as though it was turning as the apostles of God were praying

My Granddaughter Delivered From COVID-19 Symptoms!

“Good morning and win today! Last month, my granddaughter aged seven complained of headaches and her mother who works in a corona ward became concerned and checked her daughter’s temperature which was very high at 38°c. By morning time, my granddaughter started to complain of a sore throat and stomach ache, so my daughter contacted

HEALED from SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) And Gut Problems!

“Good morning. My name is Micah Simari and I’m from USA. For 9 years starting in 2011 and ending 2020, out of nowhere I developed a condition called SIBO. It had restricted my diet to a specific diet known as the FODMAP diet. The condition in simple terms is a bacteria imbalance within your gut

HEALING From The Issue Of Blood!

“Emmanuel! My Name Zainab Odey and I live in Accra, Ghana. Since January 2020, I have been bleeding heavily up until 20th June 2020 after touching the screen during the introduction of the ‘Distance Is Not A Barrier: Interactive Prayer Sessions’ on Emmanuel TV. Prophetess Angela asked us to send our prayer requests, so I

Delivered In The Dream From EVIL ATTACKS!

“Good Morning and Win Today. My name is Mr Rodgers Joseph and my wife’s name is Maria; we are from Tanzania. I got married to my wife in January 2019 but ever since we got married, we faced severe spiritual attacks during the night. This was a very big challenge for us and the situation

Healed From AMNESIA After Nazareth Meeting With TB Joshua!!!

“My name is Dr. Aniekan Okon Akpanekong, a native of Akwa-Ibom State, residing in Canada. Amnesia was a medical problem that affected my academic pursuits. I experienced severe memory loss that prolonged my doctoral program in Canada. I had to abandon the program in 2016 after seven wasted years and re-enrolled at Walden University in

Healed From SEVERE Menstrual Pains!!

“My name is Mrs Mogogi Leburu. I am 38 years old from Botswana. I have been suffering from severe menstrual pains since I started my period in 1998 – over 20 years ago. I couldn’t do anything unless I took painkillers, which I usually took six tablets per day. Whenever I went to hospitals, I

Delivered From Spirit Of Masturbation!!!

Good Morning and Win Today. My name is Friday Kongwa from Zambia. My problem was the spirit of masturbation. It all started in my early teenage years. A friend of mine introduced me to pornographic movies and we started watching them. In the process, I started to masturbate each time I watched. This affected me

HEALED Of Difficulty In Urinating!!!

Good morning, people of God. My name is Odike Jones Ijale from Nigeria. I was having the problem of difficulty in urinating for four years. It had affected me in so many areas of life. I was always restless at night. At work, I could not perform my duties effectively. Even when I went to

Delivered From Spiritual Husband and Bedwetting!!!

“Good Morning and Win Today!!! My name is Mrs. Doris Uche Ihezue from USA. My double testimony goes like this: On December, 2014 my husband had the privilege of visiting The SCOAN and by the special grace of God, he was blessed to receive the anointed Faith Bracelet from Prophet TB Joshua. On April 15th,

Weight Loss (120kg to 63kg) Through WATER THERAPY!

“Good Morning and Win Today! I have been struggling with my weight since I was young. I couldn’t stand or walk for long, always experienced shortness of breath and was extremely lazy. I had tried several gyms and diet plans but it was to no avail. I wanted to go the surgical way (liposuction) to

DELIVERANCE Through Emmanuel TV!!!

“Good Morning and Win Today! My name is Nomsa Jele from Swaziland. My testimony goes like this: I have been experiencing terrible nightmares. I often dreamt of eating and also seeing dead people. I would also dream of myself at either my primary or secondary school. These dreams affected me adversely as I experienced delays

DELIVERED From Demonic Depression And Oppression!

GOOD MORNING AND WIN TODAY! Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ! My name is Faiza Yvonne from Kenya. I’m sharing this testimony for the glory of God in my life.…


Good Morning and Win Today! My name is Kingsley Tembo from Lusaka, Zambia! I want to glorify God for locating me my family in His mercy and favour! We have…


Good Morning and Win Today!!! My name is Mrs Ephie Makolo from Malawi. I want to thank God for what He has done in my life. It all started in…

Baby In ICU Healed Through New Anointing Water!!!

“Good Morning and Win Today! My name is Yolase Zazan from South Africa. By God’s grace, I received the New Anointing Water as an Emmanuel TV Partner. I have an…


Bonjour et Soyez Vainqueurs Aujourd’hui ! Je m’appelle Swann Taina. Je suis des îles Fidji. Mon problème était une dépendance à la cigarette. Je ne voyais pas comment m’en défaire.…

Indian Doctor's DELIVERANCE From Spiritual Husband!!

“Good Morning and Win Today! My name is Palvi Dean and I am a Doctor by profession. I was having the problem of a spiritual husband for over fifteen years.…

I Became A Christian Because Of Emmanuel TV!!!

“Dear Man of God, praise the LORD! My name is Sanjeev and I am from Kashmir, India. I first saw you on Facebook when I was 15 years old. I…

Delivered From Spirit Of LUST!!!

Good Morning and Win Today. I am Uday Kumar. I’m 25 years old from Bangalore in India. I have an MSc in Environmental Science. For the past 12 years, I…


Good Morning and Win Today! My name is Evans Daka from Zambia. I was suffering from bedwetting for 22 years – ever since I was born! This issue affected me…


Emmanuel! My name is Charity Mwaka. During this period of Coronavirus, I really struggled with evil thoughts – suicidal thoughts in particular. I couldn’t talk about this with anyone. I…

Delivered From Smoking Addiction!!!

Good Morning and Win Today! My name is Swann Taina from Fiji. My problem was an addiction to smoking. I didn’t know how to let go of this. It affected…


“Good Morning, people of God, and win today! My name is Yaled Isaya Yandokola, am a Tanzanian. In the year 2017, my sister-in-law called HURUMA, a secondary school student, was…


Good Morning and Win Today! My name is Etornam Gblende from Ghana.  On the night of 8th November 2020, I fell seriously ill. I had severe fever, body aches and…


Je m’appelle Omiete Idoniboye. Je suis un Nigérian de l’état de “Rivers”. Il y a quelques semaines de cela, mon père est décédé. Quelques jours plus tard, une étrange maladie…


My name is Omiete Idoniboye, a Nigerian from Rivers State. Several weeks ago, my dad passed on. After some days later, a strange sickness started in my body. I went…

HEALED Of Kidney Affliction!!!

Good Morning and Win Today! My name is Prince Enyenihi from Nigeria. I had a growth at the left side of my kidney region for over three months. However, after…

Témoignage d'une guérison de la COVID-19 !!! (Luc 1:37)

“Bonjour et Soyez Vainqueurs Aujourd’hui. Je m’appelle Millen Mapunda, et je suis du Malawi. J’ai été testé positif à la COVID-19. J’avais contracté la maladie dans le cadre de l’exercice…


“Emmanuel !!! Bonjour & Soyez Vainqueurs Aujourd’hui !!! Je m’appelle Theodora Sagoe et je vis aux États-Unis. Je souffrais de DOULEURS ATROCES au bas de l’abdomen et d’abondants saignements avec…


«Bonjour, homme de Dieu ! Je m’appelle Sumalatha et je vis en Inde.  Je souffrais de douleurs neurologiques depuis plus d’un mois. Hier, les douleurs sont devenues si intenses que…


“Je m’appelle Akaeze Kido et je suis nigérian. Tout a commencé en 2013, lorsque j’étais en Afrique du Sud. J’ai voyagé pour me rendre en Afrique du Sud en 2011,…

God Used TB Joshua To Deliver Me In My DREAM!

Emmanuel! I am Phumelela Dladla from South Africa. For so many years, I’ve been attacked by a ‘sangoma spirit’. I always had attacks in my dreams and a spiritual husband…


«Je m’appelle Eunice Osei et je suis du Ghana. Je veux glorifier le Dieu du Prophète TB Joshua pour cette incroyable guérison que j’ai reçue au moyen d’une «Prière Interactive…

Un emploi MIRACULEUX !!!

“Bonjour ! Je m’appelle Kayle Lawrence et je viens de l’Afrique du Sud. Je souhaiterais dire que la distance n’est PAS une barrière pour le Saint-Esprit. Un jour, mon compagnon…


“Chère équipe Emmanuel TV, loué soit le Seigneur !!! Je m’appelle Tai Mindo. Je vis dans l’État d’Arunachal Pradesh, en Inde. Je souffrais d’une infection pulmonaire. A cause de cela,…


“Bonjour ! Je suis Iohannis et ma fille s’appelle Déborah. Je réside à Oradea en Roumanie.  Ma fille se plaignait de douleurs à l’estomac. Nous nous sommes rendus à l’hôpital…

UN MIRACLE : La manière dont Dieu a réanimé mon fils !!!

Chère famille Emmanuel TV, Je m’appelle Mwisa Kabuo et je vis au Canada. Ceci est mon merveilleux témoignage ! Samuel, mon fils de sept ans, dormait sur le canapé de…

FATHER and SON meet for FIRST TIME in 21 YEARS!!!

Emmanuel! My name is Rex Chaaba. I am 25 years old from Zambia. I’m currently a student at the Copperbelt University, studying mining engineering. I would like to share my…


“Good Morning and Win Today! My name is Beatrice Munsaka from Zambia. I developed a knee problem last year in October 2019. I could not walk well and I had…


“Emmanuel! Good Morning and Win Today! My name is Regina Gah from Ghana. I want to appreciate God for all the way long He has intervened in my affairs. I…

HEALING From Swollen Throat And Anxiety!

“Good Morning and Win Today! My name is Anjei Geraldine from Cameroon. I want to give thanks to God for healing me via the medium of Emmanuel TV rebroadcast of…

Two Years Of Back Pain Disappear!

A Zimbabwean living in South Africa prays along with Prophet T. B. Joshua and is set free from a distressing health challenge. It is another…

Délivré D'une Crise Cardiaque!

Les médecins ont dit qu’il s’agissait d’un infarctus du myocarde. Il l’a appelé un assaut spirituel. Et tandis qu’ils administraient des soins (tout ce qu’ils pouvaient vraiment faire), la prière a finalement remporté la victoire.

Le professeur et le prophète… une histoire incroyable de restauration divine !

Car ce n’est ni de l’orient, ni de l’occident, Ni du désert, que vient l’élévation.
Mais Dieu est celui qui juge: Il abaisse l’un, et il élève l’autre. (Psaumes 75:7-8)

Saved From A Car Accident!

The engine throttled with horsepower. The fuel tank was full. The tyres were good. The luggage had been loaded. Everything seemed set for the journey.…

" تلفزيون عمانوئيل يُبرهن حقيقة قيامة المسيح "

” تلفزيون عمانوئيل يُثبت حقيقة قيامة المسيح ” انا من الولايات المُتحدة وقد شاهدت تلفزيون عمانوئيل منذ اكثر من 5 سنوات ; إن أسفي الوحيد…

" أعتقدت أن تلفزيون عمانوئيل هو فيلم نوليوود ... "

” ظننت أن تلفزيون عمانوئيل كان فيلم نوليوود ” صباح الخير . في البداية رأيت تلفزيون عمانوئيل في منزل صديقة ، لكني ظننت أنه أحد…

Against All Odds, Zambian Student Earns First Class Honours Degree!!!

A wrong information sent to the university authorities meant she wouldn’t be allowed to sit for her final examinations. Her years of study would be lost, except “the God of Prophet T. B. Joshua” intervenes. Would He?

The Professor And The Prophet… An AMAZING Story Of Divine Restoration!

“For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another.” (Psalm 75:6-7)

Cameroonian Delivers Baby Boy After Three Miscarriages!

A cervical problem prevented her pregnancies from reaching the third trimester: a touch by the hand of Prophet T. B. Joshua, in the name of…

Wife Delivers Normally, Safely Through Morning Water!

From Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Allen Mrema’s testimony confirms a key lesson of faith: God’s mighty hand would solve His children’s problems again and again!

Healed, Blessed, Comforted Through Watching Emmanuel TV!

A woman stumbles upon a unique TV channel and finds there are no limits to the blessings she can possess.

Delivered From A Heart Attack!

The doctors said it was a myocardial infarction. He called it a spiritual onslaught. And while they administered care (all they could really do), prayer eventually delivered the victory.


La vida era difícil para la señora Jennifer Ajilo de Warri, Estado de Delta, Nigeria. «Las cosas eran difíciles para mi esposo y para mí»…

Beca escolar otorgada por orar con el Agua de la Mañana

Tinoteda Mudingwa sabía que el sueño de completar su educación podía ser interrumpido. Su madre, era una madre soltera y lo de su matrícula financiera…


Sanguinarios soldados, en un sueño, corrieron tras él. Entonces el Profeta T.B. Joshua apareció dos veces. Una semana después, Simon Matiri Munene, un fotoperiodista y…


Chijioke Nwoke del estado de Abia, Nigeria, residente en Accra, Ghana, testifica de la sanidad que recibió después de ministrar el Agua de la Mañana…


Stephanie Chinwe se encontraba acorralada en un rincón. Necesitaba un progreso, pero estaba recitante a comprometerse con los estándares morales para su vida. Continúo orando…

" منذ أن إكتشفت تلفزيون عمانوئيل ، حياتي لم تعد كما كانت ... "

” إكتشفت تلفزيون عمانوئيل في عمر 19 و دائماً ما كان الناس في كنيستنا المحلية يحبطونا من مشاهدته ، إن كُل هذا يتكون من سحر…

إكتشفت المعنى الحقيقي لمن هو المسيحي عبر تلفزيون عمانوئيل

“ إكتشفت تلفزيون عمانوئيل عندما كنت في زيارة صديق لي . كُنت مصطحباً زوجتي . بينما كنا جالسين في إستراحة الإستقبال ، قام بتشغيل تلفزيون…

كل ركن لايزال متعذراً الوصول إليه ...

” منذ وقت طويل ، تشجعت من خلال دي في دي يحتوي على معجزات يصنعها الله من خلال تي بي جوشوا ، من ثم ،…

ساقطة سابقاً : " رأيت الموت وجهاً لوجه "

ساقطة سابقاً : ” رأيت الموت وجهاً لوجه ” شيوما من نيجيريا تصف كيف أنقذها الله من بيت دعارة من خلال وسيلة الماء الممسوح “…

" بدأت في شرب الكحول عندما كُنت في الثالثة "

هل أنت مدمن للكحول والإباحية ؟ إكتشف طريق خروجك بينما تستمع لجوزيف ناليو من تنزانيا ” صباح الخير ! أنا عُمري 36 عاماً . بدأت…

معجزة طفل بعد 21 سنة

السيد والسيدة ماشومى شابانجو من جنوب إفريقيا شاركا شهادة مذهلة عن كيف الله باركهم بطفل بعد الصلاة بالماء الممسوح حاولنا إنجاب طفل بعد طفلتنا االأولى…

From Low Grades To Top Of The Class!!!

A daughter’s marks were nothing to write home about. But she has a mother who knows something about prayer and faith; one who believes all things are possible.

كنت خائفة من مشاهدة تلفزيون عمانوئيل في البداية

كنت خائف جداً من مشاهدة تلفزيون عمانوئيل في أول مرة عيد ميلاد سعيد تلفزيون عمانوئيل ! لقت جئت عبر تلفزيون عمانوئيل على يوتيوب الذي ظننت…

كيف إنتصرت على الإكتئاب !!!

كيف إنتصرت على الإكتئاب !! ريبكا غارسيا – إسكوبر من الولايات المتحدة تشارك شهادة مؤثرة عن كسرت قبضة الإكتئاب بعد مواجهة مع تلفزيون عمانوئيل :…

كان عندي إيمان أنه إن إستطعت أن أخطو إلى سكوان ، ستتغير حياتي

جويس من أيرلندا تشهد كيف أن زيارتها لمجمع كنيسة كل الأمم أنهت مشكلة صحية معقدة أوقفت حيضها منذا أن كانت في سن السادسة عشر .…

أنا أستمر في التواصل مع تلفزيون عمانوئيل حتى وانا في المرحاض

شكراً جزيلاً تلفزيون عمانوئيل ! إنك تعمل 24 / 7 في الأسبوع في غرفة الطعام الخاصة بي . أنت على الحاسوب ؛ على الأيباد .…

" لا أعرف كيف أصف كم أثر تلفزيون عمانوئيل في حياتي "

جوزيف ( ني سول ) من غانا عمانوئيل ! لا أعرف كيف أصف كم أثر تلفزيون عمانوئيل في حياتي . كُنت اقوم بلعب موسيقي دنياوية…

مشاهدة تلفزيون عمانوئيل عالجتها من التقيئ

ألامي آديمو ، طالبة نيجيرية تأسس في روسيا ، وكان عنده مشكلة غير المعتادة . إستمرت في الترجيع بعد تناولها بعض الأطعمة ، خصوصاً بعض…