Good Morning And Win Today, the SCOAN family

My name is Chenesani Mbeme, from Botswana. For years, I had been experiencing this excruciating pain, which used to come five days before my monthly period would start. It would continue during the menstrual flow and five days after. For about 17 days in a month, I used to be in pain. This pain used to be around my belly button, rib cage and my neck. I was not able to go anywhere or do any house chores. Walking was so difficult because I would have to bend. I tried to find a solution in both herbal teas and medically, all to no avail. Truly, I have surrendered to the pain since all my efforts were exhausted. With the pain, I had accepted that maybe that’s how I would be for the rest of my life, but of recent, the pain was now unbelievable. It got to an extent that I wasn’t able to do anything. I was carried to the hospital where I was given an injection. On getting home, the pain increased. I remembered to call The SCOAN Prayer Line. I was prayed for by the evangelist and declared, you are healed, in Jesus’ name. I was healed indeed. In April 2024, my period came like a thief. My God, everything went normal. I’m in disbelief that it’s me experiencing such calmness because I gave in to this pain. Thank You, the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua and Pastor Evelyn Joshua. After so many years, I was able to do the house chores, eat anything I want, walk freely while in my monthly period.

My advice is God is able to do all things. We shouldn’t give up on Him nor think our situation is permanent. God is our everything and we must have faith in Him.