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Important Information for DSTV and Open View Subscribers

How to set up your Free to air decoder - We are using a Strong Branded Satellite decoder

  1. If you are a DSTV or Open view subscriber with a PVR / extra view setup your dish uses a smart LNB for the decoders, the smart LNB does not work on this installation. Please purchase a Universal LNB.
  2. If you want to keep either DSTV or Open View, please purchase a separate dish and LNB for your free to air decoder.
  3. If you are a DSTV or Open view subscriber with a single viewpoint, then purchase a dual universal LNB to enable you to have a cable that supplies your current set up and then the new free to air decoder.
  4. The dual universal LNB only applies to people that are NOT using a Smart LNB for their current setup. If they are using a Smart LNB, then they would have to resort to point 2.

Step 1. Go to Channel set up
Step 2. Click Antenna Connection>> Select fixed antenna
Step 3. Click Satellite List>Look for Intel sat 20, e68.5 (East 68.5), then click ok
Step 4. Click TP List>>Click add>>Frequency (12522MHZ), >> Symbol Rate (27500KS/s), >> Polarity (Select V or Vertical)>> Save the settings
Step 5. Antenna Setup>> Select Intelsat 20>>
Step 6. Set LNB frequency to Universal (9750-10600)
Step 7. Click Transponder>> Select (12522 V 27500)
Step 8. Click TP List>>Scroll to (12522MHz, 27500Ks/s V), then click search, click ok to search>>
Step 9. Your decoder will now do a scan
Step 10. Click exit and exit to get to the view screen
Step 11. Push Ok to bring up the channel list>> Select Emmanuel TV>> click ok
Step 12. You can now watch Emmanual TV for free!!

For More Enquiries Contact: +234 (0) 814 870 3900 (NG), +234 (0) 901 155 9711 (NG), +2773 441 4807 (SA)