Good morning and win today!

My name is Ashioma Okere, from Delta State, living in Asaba. I came to The SCOAN on the 25th of February 2024 for prayers of safe delivery. Pastor Evelyn Joshua prayed for me and also gave me Anointing Water and Stickers and supported my transportation back home. I was overdue for delivery and my doctor booked me for labour inducements and asked me to come on admission on 7th of April 2024. God of Prophet T.B. Joshua and Pastor Evelyn Joshua came through for me and my family on the 6th of April 2024. I woke up by 1:00 am and I started praying with Emmanuel TV – the replay of Day 1 revival and also with the prayer for viewers. Then I noticed I was feeling pain all over my waist and the pain kept increasing as at that time. Then my husband decided that we go to hospital immediately. We got to the hospital by 5:50am and at that time, I was already 4cm. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl by 12:26pm on Saturday, 6th of April 2024 without any inducement. The name of my daughter is ZENITA CHIAMAKAOKERE. I sincerely appreciate God of The SCOAN.

The picture is for my baby zenita chiamaka okere. Thank You, Jesus Christ!