Good Morning And Win Today, Win Tomorrow and Win Forever!

My name is Dimakatso Tota, from South Africa. I am back to give God all the glory and testify of His goodness and mercy. In 2021 January, I wrote to Emmanuel TV asking to be part of the Interactive Prayer Sessions due to my son’s extreme skin disease but was unable to partake in any. Fast forward to 2022, during the Living Water Service, Pastor Evelyn Joshua put Prophet T.B. Joshua’s Bible as a point of contact. I watched this online for hours. I was with my son who was only 5 years old at the time, asking God for divine intervention. My son’s skin was very bad and kept him from playing outside or even enjoying himself. The Lord showed me mercy! I had a dream of myself sitting in a hospital-like corridor and in front of me were two offices. To the right was the office that looked like an operating theatre and to the left was an office where I got called to and there was Pastor Evelyn Joshua sitting behind a desk. As she was talking to me, the office that was behind me when I entered and sat down was now behind Pastor Evelyn Joshua and my son was on the operating table. While she was talking to me, I saw the skin of a snake being removed from my son’s poop hole (anus) and it was pulled out. It just kept coming. It Was Very Long! That morning, my son’s skin was restored and it has been perfected since (pictures of his restored skin are attached).

He has not been to hospital for treatment of skin infection, emergency room visits and endless antibiotics. He is now 7 years old and he grows daily for the glory of GOD. I am so blessed and happy. I am grateful to the core; words cannot explain or quantify my joy. I am grateful as I am no longer a slave to fear and torment and I am grateful to see my son glowing and enjoying his childhood, as it ought to be. The GOD of Prophet TB Joshua remains GOD and I am a witness! Blessings and honour to you, dear mother. May the LORD do great wonders through you and for you, blessings to the evangelists and all of the Emmanuel TV Team.