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Standard For Life – A Visit To Abraham

God visited Abraham and asked him to sacrifice his only son. Assuming his faith was on his only son, he would not have had the courage to obey God's instruction. As a believer, your faith will be tested because your Christian life cannot grow and you cannot be promoted without testing. Learn how to handle your test well by watching today's message by Prophet T.B. Joshua, A Visit To Abraham.

Testimony Time

Jesus Christ is able to turn your mess into a message and your test into a testimony. Witness powerful testimonies from around the world at The SCOAN.

Another Ministry - Yobe

Works of charity and righteousness by faith in Christ Jesus go together – Jesus has an eye upon it. See how the Emmanuel TV Team use every good thing the Lord has given them to reach out to the poor and needy in society to do what is good to change the bad they see.

Odyssey Star Quest 5

Belief In Your Heart Part 1

If you believe in your heart Jesus is Lord, you are saved. He who believes has eternal life. Find out more about how to believe and have in this profound sermon by T.B. Joshua.

Ecuador Earthquake Relief

Reach out with the little you have and see whether it will not multiply. Our contribution to one another is an assignment from God. Therefore, we should build our lives around that contribution. Watch the Emmanuel TV Team and partners as they cultivate love and generosity by planting their love, strength, joy and time to meet the needs of others.

The Hidden Truth