Emmanuel!! Sometime ago, I sent prayer request for God to provide for my wedding and make it possible. In the past, men will come to my life, proposed, few months in to the wedding date; they will call off the wedding.

This has happened three times. It came to a point that friends use my name when they are talking about people that have survived several disappointments.
This was disgraceful. When the second one happened, I had to change my job because I cannot stand the shame at all. Even my parents and family thought I was cursed.

Then I met this man in April 2016 and he proposed. He said we should get married in June 2016. Before we could start planning, we started having issues, and then I knew there is a problem and needed God’s intervention. So I sent prayer request to Emmanuel TV team for God Hand upon my life. June 4th 2016 came nothing happened. So I held on to 1st peter 5 vs 10 and prayed with it and used the MORNING WATER my dad got from SCOAN. I did not know how it happened. He told me “I can’t wait to make you my wife”; this man could not rest, he was so restless until 28th July 2016 when he made me his wife. . Today my name has changed from Ms Getrude Meyer to Mrs. Getrude Vandy. I give God all the glory.