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Tag: zambia

Delivered From The Spirit Of BEDWETTING!!!

"My names are Misozi Luhana and my son is Madalitso Lungu from Zambia. The specific problem my son had was the spirit of bedwetting. This problem really affected him so much that he was failing to go visit other relatives or even have sleepovers during school activities. He would wet the bed several times in the night. I didn't take him anywhere for solution but tried to wake him up every-night so that he does not bed wet - but to no avail. I discovered Emmanuel TV through my sister. "My son received his miracle when I visited The SCOAN in August 2019. I was…

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"Good morning. My name is Graham Yomena from Zambia. I was stagnant in my career after 17 years of service as a teacher by profession in Zambia. This affected me so much because most of my friends whom we started the job together had been promoted. Even my juniors had been promoted! I went to traditional doctors for help but to no avail. I also attended prayer meetings but equally to no avail. When I installed a decoder in my house for entertainment and news, I came across this channel - Emmanuel TV - where I saw the man of God prophet T. B. Joshua…

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