The SCOAN Services from The Archives

As you watch The SCOAN Sunday Services from The Archives, you will witness: Miraculous healings, powerful deliverances, practical teachings, touching testimonies, heart-rending reconciliations, revealing prophecies, and much more! God's power is not limited by space, time or circumstance.

Join us live every Sunday from 10:00 AM UTC+1. Get ready to see what you have never seen before!

God’s power is so real, authentic and forceful that it cannot be limited by time, space or circumstance.

T.B Joshua
General Overseer

Standard For Life

Standard For Life is a series of sermons from T.B. Joshua. Following each sermon is practical demonstration of God’s power in action showing documented testimonies of lives transformed after receiving healing, deliverance or prophecy at The SCOAN. 

When you take God’s Word to heart and truly make it part of you, it will by its very nature change you.

Meditation in God’s Word is a visit with Him. #TBJ

God Is Still Saying Something

God is using Prophet T.B. Joshua as a mouthpiece to the world. ‘God Is Still Saying Something’ is a compilation of prophecies concerning individuals, nations and the world at large, together with their confirmations. As the book of 2 Chronicles 18 explains, a prophet of God shall say that which he shall live to see accomplished. 

In every situation, God has something to say. Even when He seems to be quiet, He is still saying something. #TBJ

The Roadmap - Reaching Out To A Troubled World

Love looks around to see those who are in need. They could be your neighbours, the widows, the poor, the orphans, the physically challenged or those who do not share the same faith with you - love them all. What a danger is a religion of words without any corresponding action (James 1:27).

Watch Emmanuel TV to see God’s love in action. Love is always there to act.

When you do not seem to hear or receive from God, look into your love walk. #TBJ