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We are created after the image of Jesus Christ; we are made in our hearts to be like Him. This means that your appearance does not matter. What matters is what is within you. What matters is your thoughts and words, that is, your capacity to believe. How do we transfer what is within us to the outside? By meditating on God’s Word day and night. Meditation will bring revelation and the greater the revelation, the more the development of God’s Word in your heart. This gives birth to belief in your heart. The more the development of God's Word in your heart, the greater your capacity to believe.

As a Christian, you are what you are because of your capacity to believe in Christ. What you are able to do is based on your capacity to believe in Christ. If what is possible for you in Christ is not possible for me, then something is restricting me. What is restricting us is not on the outside but within us. If it were to be on the outside, money, property, position and human sympathy would have solved the problem. As Christians, we should be controlled by the One within us. When you are controlled by the One within, your direction would not be determined by what the situation looks like, what is happening around you. This translates to everyday victory in spite of the numerous oppositions.

Prayer: “Lord Jesus, strengthen my capacity to believe so that whatever happens around me will not determine my direction.”