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Have you been worrying about your future, wondering if you are too young to be used by God or too old to be successful? Remember Samuel, a small boy who, right from childhood, became the mouthpiece of God. What about Moses, whom God used to rescue the Israelites from slavery? Their stories teach us that no one is too old or too young to succeed in life, just as no one is too good or too bad to qualify for God’s grace. The issue is whether you are prepared for what God wants you to be. Nowadays, many seem to desire their duties but are hardly ever prepared for them. Many seem to desire to know what they must do to receive from God but are not prepared to do it.

As a child of God, you must remember that life is not fun and games; it is warfare where only the serious and spiritually minded are victorious. True success takes time and preparation. If we can work hard to ensure that our business, marriage and other endeavours succeed, should we not also prepare to follow Christ wholeheartedly daily? If we exclude God from whatever plans we are making today, we are guilty of the sin of arrogance and self-sufficiency; certainly, we are not prepared for tomorrow. As Christians, we are to acknowledge that He is God and we are not, that He is the Father and we are but His children, that He is the Shepherd and we are straying sheep. When we recognise who we are before God, we will see the need to always consider His will in everything we do, everything we say and in every plan we make.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, give me the grace to be prepared for You daily, in Jesus’ name! Amen!