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God has kept you for a purpose known to Him alone and being alive today is proof that you will still fulfil destiny. The Bible says that when you seek anything for the salvation of your soul, whatever you receive will come with the peace of God and fulfillment in Christ Jesus, so you will lack and want nothing. Our failure to seek things for the purpose of salvation is actually why we have a crisis of faith. We do many things to achieve our goals but remain on one spot because something is restricting us. When a person believes, he will no longer worry or despair or query God about the past or present. 

Faith reminds us that our sins are forgiven. As an international passport is required for a visa to another country, so is faith to our journey. Psalm 37:25 assures us that God is a righteous Judge and will never forsake His own. But our state of mind is important. Many fearful and worried minds make decisions about tomorrow even when they are living outside the truth of God’s light. Remember that God arranges our present, which continues to unfold until His will is finally revealed. Surely, the divine opportunity of today leads us to the mystery of tomorrow, for today is the centre of yesterday and tomorrow. To bless you, God demands your faith today. If you cannot forget yesterday, you cannot have the blessings of today.

What keeps us from worry and anxiety is not what we see but what we believe. The opening of our eyes of faith is the silencing of our worries. When you believe, you will appreciate and recognise the unseen hand of God controlling your affairs and you will see beyond your immediate circumstances. In Genesis 22:1-2, God’s command seemed to conflict with His promise for Abraham. The biggest decision in life is what you do with Christ’s instruction now. Make a heart decision today: Trust God, go beyond your past, look forward to the future through His promises and truly live as it should be in the present by faith.