The words you speak determine the life you enjoy. Words are not cheap. Love and disunity begin with words. Your future is in your words. Words created the world and words create your world. This means that the words you speak determine the kind of world you will live in. The words you speak can create blessings or curses, for your words have no neutral force.

What has your usual conversation been like? Is it life-giving or destructive? Many of us do not realise that the words of our mouth either imprison or free us. You cannot rise above your words, for they are the standard of your faith. When you talk about failure, failure increases its grip on you. When you talk fear, fear increases its grip on you. Your words control and dominate you because they express your thoughts, which are the seeds of your life. Whether we realise it or not, we are sowing words.

We are to sow good seeds. Just as Jesus said in Luke 8:1, we can sow the Word of God. The Word of God shows you God’s way of thinking. It renews your mind and tears down the obstacles that prevent you from freely receiving all that Christ has already purchased for you. God’s promises become real and living as we confess them. If you are sick or poor, the answer is in confessing God’s Word. Speak God’s Word today and watch God take over.

DECLARATION: “God is who He says He is. I am who God says I am. God can do what He says He can do. I can do what He says I can do. God has what He says He has. I have what God says I have.” Emmanuel!