The excellent way to use life is to spend it on something that will outlive us. This means that the beauty of life does not depend on how happy you are, how rich you are or how famous you are, but on how happy or successful others can be because of you. The question you need to ask yourself now is, ‘How many people are happy because of me?’ Yes, how many people are successful because of you? How many people have hope for the future because of you? How many helpless and hopeless people on the streets have you given hope to? We have the orphans, the widows, the less privileged – how many of them are your friends, how many of them do you have their phone numbers?

Prophet T.B. Joshua says that they are fatherless so that you can be their father, they are lonely so that you can be their companion, they are in want so that you can be their benefactor. As Christians, we know that looking the other way when our neighbour is in pain, poor and helpless is neglecting Jesus Christ Himself. People of God, someone needs something you possess. Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “We might not be equally gifted but God Almighty has done it in such a way that each person has some strength to contribute.” The question now is: What are you contributing to people’s lives? Your contribution need not be money; it could be your smile, love, strength, and time.

When we look at the Book of Luke 10:25-37, the Good Samaritan knew that looking the other way when his neighbour was sick and wounded meant neglecting Jesus Christ. That was why he had committed to helping the injured man, even though the Samaritans would normally have nothing to do with the Jews.

SAY THIS PRAYER: “Lord Jesus Christ, help me to do what is right at all times, even though it is contrary to what I naturally want to do.”