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Sin regarded in the heart spoils the comfort of God’s grace and ruins the success of our prayers. It means sin is a barrier, a reproach, a wall between the promises of God and us. We are on one side in need of healing, deliverance, and all of God’s blessings while Jesus Christ our Saviour is on the other side offering all the good things - healing, deliverance, etc. Prophet T.B. Joshua says that when a Christian sins, fellowship is broken but he does not lose his place as a son. Your seat is still there; all you need to do is to realise your wrongdoings, confess them and never return to them again.

As Christians, our sins (wrongs) should make us see the need for God more. That is, the more we sin, the more we feel that weakness, and the more we fast and pray. Thus, what satan aimed at to separate us from God has brought us even more closer to God. The case of Apostle Paul in the Book of Romans 7:14 is a typical example of how children of God should respond when they miss the mark. He admitted his weakness saying, “What I really wanted to do, I do not do, but what I hate is what I find myself doing.” Brethren in the Lord, remember sin is a spiritual thing and should be handled spiritually.

The Book of Psalms 51:1 – end tells us of how King David dishonoured himself in order to receive God’s mercy and forgiveness. The Bible says that every time David sinned against God, he removed his coat of kingship and put on a sackcloth to demonstrate how sorry he was. Prophet T.B. Joshua says, "A Christian can make a bad mistake but the difference between us and the people out there is that we always want to be forgiven each time we sin and the guilt of our sin will not let us rest until we ask and receive forgiveness." The man of God also says that the antidote to the poison of sin is to walk in the Spirit. This means that the antidote to the poison of sin is REPENTANCE.

SAY THIS PRAYER: I was baptised into Christ and I died when He died, sin’s power over me - be broken, in Jesus’ name! Oh Holy Spirit, help me to do what is right at all times, even if it is contrary to what I naturally want to do.