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The Bible is the Christian’s guide for belief and practice; it contains the Truth. When you read your Bible, you are hearing God talk. The more you read your Bible, the more you understand yourself and this God who created you. The Bible is given to us to simply invite us. God Almighty is inviting you to His Word through His Word by His Spirit. Will you honour that invitation today?

It is one thing to read and it is another thing to meditate. Reading helps us to keep the Word in our memory, while meditation helps us to keep the Word in our heart. The Word of God is a treasure that produces great riches in the lives of those who meditate on it, not those who only read it. The Word of God becomes a part of you only by meditation. To meditate is to think more deeply in silence; it is to focus only on one thing: God's Word. Meditation is the tool, weapon for making the Word of God effective in a Christian.

Meditating on the Word is communing with God, because the Word is God's contact with us and our contact with Him. Every instance of genuine meditation brings a response, and that response can be a shout of joy, confession, thanksgiving, prayer or praise. The Word (Bible) in your hand carries you, via meditation, beyond sense knowledge to revelation, where you get results. This means that you need to mind what you take in because your input determines your output. Feed your spirit everyday so that God can have His way in your life.