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God is love. The scripture makes us understand that there are three things on this earth that will last: faith, hope and love - the greatest is love. This shows that love is the greatest Christian virtue. If love is the greatest, it means faith cannot work without love and also hope cannot work without love. The power of faith will be short-circuited. (John14:27) Jesus said my peace I give to you not as the world gives. It means there are two kinds of love: God’s love and human love. Human love is but a shadow of God’s love; God’s love is for salvation sake.

Many of us have rejected our prospective helpers because of our inability to see beyond the situation at hand. The Bible is talking about the love that never gives up. Love that can put up anything, love that is tolerant. Love keeps going to the end, no matter the challenges and difficulties. If you know the weakness of your friend, help him instead of rejecting him. Who knows if he will be your helper tomorrow. The first place you should look into when you seem not to hear from God is your love walk. You are created to change somebody. You may not be qualified to help every person you meet today but somebody needs what you possess. There is no love that does not express itself in giving.

A Christian is known by his love. Love looks around to see who is in need, who is sick, who is worried and who is unsafe. If I speak in the tongue of angels but I don’t love others, then I am simply making noise - talking to the air. If I have faith that can move mountains but I don’t love others, then I have accomplished nothing in life. Our position in Christ Jesus is enhanced each time we help someone in trouble. Therefore, let us not love in words or in tongues but in deed and truth. Let us be known as people who are for good. I mean, we should do good to change the bad we see. People of God, if you want to grow in your spiritual life, follow the path of love because love is the real measure of spirituality.