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The stories of men and women of faith prove that faithfulness to God does not eliminate adversity, prevent problems from coming close or keep temptations away from your life – that having a relationship with God does not cancel crying times or times of battle. This means that we will continue to be confronted with issues that violate our peace, conscience – that we will experience things that are contrary to God’s standard since we are not yet in Heaven. This, indeed, is the highway of life, where tension arises not because we have done wrong but just because we live in a complex and contradictory world – a world ruled by evil desires rebelling against God’s Word, a world that we children of God have denounced. 

Can you see the conflict? Remember that champions are not crowned for desiring to be crowned but for fighting and overcoming their battles. As Revelation 2:9-10 tells us, that you face challenges does not mean you are not a friend of God and that you are passing through hard times does not mean God has forgotten you or that you will die in it. Job never fainted when the wind pulled down his home; he continued to think, talk, act, plan, work and rule with God, for that is the way of a man God created. 

As a Christian, your faith in God should help you stay true to your purpose – I mean, stay focused – because God will not leave you without a solution. Never doubt God’s desire or ability to help you. He has given you plenty evidence to believe Him even when every sense contradicts Him. Remember that David observed how God had delivered him from the lion and the bear before concluding that he would also be delivered from the giant. 

Prayer: O Holy Spirit, give me the grace to bless You in all situations so that I may be blessed by You through my situation, for this hard time is necessary.