As a true Christian, a true follower of Christ Jesus, if you are to know a good life, a successful life, a prosperous life, you simply need Jesus Christ to direct your ways. Christ has no eyes but your eyes to see those who are in need and Christ has no legs but your legs to go to places to bring men to Himself. Your hands, He will surely use to work. You simply need Jesus to direct your ways. Do you do good? Do you show love to others, even those who do not share the same faith with you? Do you help for God’s sake? Do you do good without any condition attached to your goodness? Have you forgiven and reconciled with those who hurt you, who wronged you – I mean those who deeply hurt you? Much of the life we claim to be living today is not genuine, real; there is so much fake, pretentious, questionable living. Conversion is once in a lifetime but Christlikeness is forever. Who are you? At this moment, if Christ Jesus should come to demand from you an account of your life, what would it be like? First, you need to acknowledge your weaknesses and purge yourself by confession and deliverance. Then, you can press on in His time, ways and grace. Be an imitator of your Heavenly Father – growing in His likeness day by day and hour by hour, by loving, helping and giving. PRAYER: Oh Holy Spirit, give me the grace to be like Christ Jesus inner my heart, in Jesus’ name. Amen!