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Emmanuel means “God is with us.” We like responding to the greeting, but do we really understand the meaning? Why is God with us? We need God because we are weak. Our weakness is not in terms of physical strength, material wealth, worldly position, or fame but spiritual abilities. If we are not weak, we will not need God to be with us.

Today, many are no longer conscious of sin. We find it hard to acknowledge and admit our wrongdoings. The greatest love Jesus Christ has given us is the opportunity to correct our mistakes! Prophet T.B Joshua said “To identify and acknowledge our weakness is victory in itself. If we mean it with all our heart, the job is half-done. It is fifty percent of the victory; the remaining fifty percent, leave it for God.” This means that acknowledging your weakness is the first step towards repentance. When we repent, we receive forgiveness. Do not hide your sin, admit it and work tirelessly towards mending your ways, strive towards righteousness. When we run to God with our weaknesses, He is always ready to accept us as we are and clothe us with forgiveness.

PRAYER: Ask God to give you the grace to live above your weakness. Ask God to speak strength into your weakness. Your life will not remain the same, in Jesus Christ’s name! Amen!