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Everything in the absolute world of science and technology has fallen apart; we simply have to return to God. After we might have exhausted our strength and resources and everything proved abortive, there’s only one person that can heal us, deliver us, and give us peace of heart. It is none other than our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

When we are young, we believe we can go all the way without reverence to God. Some of us also thought that when we go to school and graduated and get a job, everything will be fine. Some of us also thought that if we get married and have kids, everything will surely be fine. Now we are married and have kids, yet there’s dissatisfaction in our lives. Prophet T.B. Joshua always says that until we experience God, there will be dissatisfaction in our lives, a sense of hunger to know what life is all about, and the desire to know what happens after life is over, after death.

The book of Luke 15:11-32 tells us the story of the lost son, who returned home after collecting his share of his possession from his father. He went to an unknown land and squandered it on wasteful living. The Bible says that immediately after his father saw him from afar, he had compassion on him, ran, and embraced him. This is to tell us that Jesus Christ is always ready and willing to take us back.

SAY THIS PRAYER: Oh Holy Spirit, I come to You as a sinner, have mercy on me, and bring me back to You.