The peace of conscience we derive from walking with the Lord produces internal joy, security, assurance of life and ease of heart (1 Timothy 1:2). When your focus is on God, you would never be moved by what your situation has to say; your focus would be on what God has to say concerning your life.

Consider the attitude of Moses as he and his people were trapped between the Red Sea and the pursuing Egyptian army. Surely the people of Israel had every reason to think that the end had come, considering the size and military might of the Egyptian armies (Exodus 14:10). The Israelites therefore, cried not only in fear but also in rebellion and anger directed against Moses and his God.

They had completely forgotten all the miracles God had done on their behalf. Rather than getting offended by his people’s reactions and lack of faith, Moses was calm, calculated and determined, even in the midst of extreme provocation. The Bible says, he was calm and confident and peaceable. He chose to calm the people’s fears, saying, ‘Do not be afraid, stay focused on the Lord. The Lord will fight for you and He is greater than all the forces of the adversary put together.’ (Exodus 14:13-14).

Moses remained focused on his God; he was not a man to be moved by immediate physical needs. What mattered to him was what God had to say concerning the task at hand. He was never threatened by the advancing forces of the enemy. The Bible says his heart was deeply engaged with God. He was never seen or heard to have engaged in any desperate prayer of ‘casting and binding’ as many in our generation would do today.