In Psalms 55:22 and 1 Peter 5:7, the Bible enjoins us to ‘cast our burden upon the Lord’. Fear is a burden; it makes the heart sick; worry can rob us of happiness. We often labour under the burden of senseless anxiety about tomorrow. Anxiety is very burdensome and oftentimes leads to sin. That is why the Bible tells us to cast the burden upon the Lord; He alone can give us rest.

The best remedy against anxiety is to cast our burden upon God, believing His divine will to calm our spirit. It means to rest our trust in His providence and promise. His promise does not say He will keep us free from troubles, but that He will give us enough grace to stand and resist those troubles when they come. He who bore the burden of our sorrows desires us to leave it entirely for Him because He alone knows what it takes to give us rest. We should trust Him and let Him prove Himself. After all, He owns our future.

God knows the challenges before us, so He gives us enough grace for each trial we face. He strengthens us daily, so we can use today’s supplies and let tomorrow be. Let us leave tomorrow’s troubles for the One who bore our troubles on the cross.

Prayer: “Lord Jesus, give me the grace to cast my burdens upon You and leave tomorrow’s troubles for the One who bore my troubles on the Cross!”