Are you a Christian? If yes, have you ever seen anything wrong with what someone else is doing? How best do you correct the person in a Christian way? How best do you honour Jesus Christ in your correction? Is it by speaking negatively about the person without love and care? The Bible says that a Christian’s life is a disciplined life because it is based on God’s Word, which gives an excellent moral standard. God’s Word reflects His character. Remember, God’s Word teaches us to do what is good to change the bad we see. Let us be known as people who are for good and not only against bad. 

Many people are too quick in pointing out others’ weaknesses, whereas the Bible instructs that instead of criticizing others, we should show by example. A little example can have a big influence. Many give orders and instructions but refuse to obey God’s instructions in righteousness. If you find yourself condemning others, ask yourself this question, “Do I practice what I preach?” Jesus never strived to be good; He simply was good. He did not labour to appear truthful; He was truthful. He did not struggle to have a good reputation; He had character. What does this mean? This means that only your character can testify to your confession of Christ. The Bible says to accept Jesus is to accept the nature of God. One good can cancel a million wrongs.

As Christians, we should be known by our love. The Bible says that love is the greatest Christian virtue. Therefore, instead of criticizing our society and fellow men, let us do what is good to change the bad we see. Let us walk in the light of love. May God give us the Grace to do so in Jesus’ name!