No one can be content without God. Some people have money and positions but they lack contentment. This proves that wisdom in the practical sense of ability cannot guarantee your desired future. A content life comes by grace. When the grace of God comes upon you, it will put an end to all your labours and personal struggles. When it is time for God to manifest in your life, there would be a driving force that would change your actions and location.

It is the mind of God to answer prayers even when He seems not to respond immediately to our petition, He is still saying something. As Christians, we are told to ask for wisdom, healing and blessings but let us ask in faith without wavering. This is because God dwells in our hearts through faith. When the eyes of your faith are opened, you will know the value of your trials. Your prayers of many years are not lost. No matter the situation you are going through you must have it in your heart to bless God. As you trust and obey God, may the Holy Spirit dwell in your heart, may you have a content life that will bring peace and comfort to your spirit, soul, and body in Jesus Christ's name. Amen.