With many songs of worship and praise on their lips, and assured that they would always sail through despite the raging storms in the sea of life, congregants gathered in The SCOAN for the Sunday Service of February 25, 2024. “Thank You, Thank you, Lord!” they sang – their response from happy hearts. Then they asked for comfort from the Holy Spirit while bringing their Refuge – the covenant-keeping God – a worthy sacrifice.

Evangelist Jemila gave the day’s sermon, entitled “A New Name, A New Direction”. Among her readings were Isaiah 62:2, 1 Chronicles 4:9-10, 2 Corinthians 6:14-18 and Mark 8:34-35. This being the Year Of A New Name for God’s people, Evangelist Jemila spoke to them about the need to take a new approach to the New Year so that they can get the best that God has for them. She said, “This year 2024, your old approach to life cannot help you to claim, build and maintain your New Name in the Lord.” She explained that an “uncommon year comes with uncommon blessings” and “uncommon blessings always come with uncommon challenges.”

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