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Singapore Crusade Day 2

When you bother about a problem neglecting the cause, you cannot have a lasting solution. Sin is the disease of the soul. When it is pardoned, you are healed indeed. Learn how to strike the root of your problem and obtain a lasting solution in this challenging message by T.B. Joshua given in Singapore. When the power of God is present, healing is like breathing! Witness the awesome power of God in the second day of the Singapore Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua

Testimony Time

Jesus Christ is able to turn your mess into a message and your test into a testimony. Witness powerful testimonies from around the world at The SCOAN.

Another Ministry-The Elderly

We are called to respond to all human needs, for that is what love entails. The Emmanuel TV Team use every good thing the Lord has given them to reach out to the elderly in society, to do what is good to change the bad they see.

Christianity Lies In Heart

Learn more about how to please God with this message from T.B. Joshua where he explains that whatever that is not from your heart is a sin. Satan keeps dislodging us because we are not where God wants us to be which is where our heart is.

Ecuador Earthquake Relief 

Reach out with the little you have and see whether it will not multiply. Our contribution to one another is an assignment from God. Therefore, we should build our lives around that contribution. Watch the Emmanuel TV Team and partners as they cultivate love and generosity by planting their love, strength, joy and time to meet the needs of others.

Works Of Faith Part 3

Develop the faith which enables us to see the unseen and thus endure when the visible world offers us no hope or encouragement as you listen to this message from T.B. Joshua.

Miracle: Body Poison

Jesus Christ has many miracles in store for us; we just need to give Him a chance to prove it. What you are about to watch are sicknesses of an extreme nature - but the Great Physician, Jesus Christ is able to heal them all.