Healed Of Massive Multiple Fibroids Through Emmanuel TV!!!

“My name is Juan Broomes. I am 51 years of age and I am from Barbados. I was suffering from multiple fibroids for many years. I was told this by my doctor when I was pregnant with my son 29 years ago. For many years I ignored the fact even though I had many symptoms


Emmanuel! My name is Lesego Desiree Bareng from South Africa. Today marks a miracle in my life! As I was sitting today, preparing for my test, I was watching Emmanuel TV and praying with Prophet TB Joshua. I had not been seeing my menstruation since last year due to an injection. The focus of my

Healed From Nerve Pain In INDIA!!!

Hello Man of God! My name is Sumalatha from India. I was suffering from nerve pain for more than a month. Yesterday, the pain became so severe that I. couldn’t sleep at night. I kept watching the miracles God used you to do on Facebook. Then I took my Bible, thought of you and started

From PAGANISM to CHRISTIANITY: My Encounter With GOD Through Emmanuel TV!!!

“Hi. My name is Msizi Wiseman Malinga. I grew up as a child worshipping God in the Roman Catholic Church but as time went on, people began telling me many negative things about the Christian religion and Jesus Christ, so I ended up practising paganism. One day, I found one of my roommates watching Emmanuel


“Good Morning and Win Today! My name is Teboho Edwin Chaane from South Africa. Last week, I was suffering from gastro-reflux. I was burping heavily and feeling chest pains and shortness of breath. As Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying for the sick on television, I joined in and under the influence of his powerful prayer,

Daughter Healed From ASTHMA At The SCOAN!

“Good Morning and Win Today, people God! Our names are Nchekwube and Emeka Okafor; my two kids are Dubem and Chinelo Okafor. We visited The SCOAN last year July from Phoenix, Arizona in USA. The main reason for our visit was my 10 year daughter Chinelo’s asthma condition that started at the age of three

Healing Of Wrist Pain Through INTERACTIVE PRAYER!

“Good Morning and Win Today! My name is Margaret Oben from Cameroon. I want to testify this early morning of God’s mercy in my life! For some weeks now I have been having severe pain in my wrists, especially my left wrist. This came about as a result of e-learning. I am a teacher by

Ceased Menstruation RESTORED After Interactive Prayer Session!

“Good Morning and Win Today! My name is Febby Zulu from Zambia. During the last Interactive Prayer Session on Emmanuel TV, I received my own deliverance. The power of God was so much that I trembled and shook vigorously and my tummy felt as though it was turning as the apostles of God were praying

My Granddaughter Delivered From COVID-19 Symptoms!

“Good morning and win today! Last month, my granddaughter aged seven complained of headaches and her mother who works in a corona ward became concerned and checked her daughter’s temperature which was very high at 38°c. By morning time, my granddaughter started to complain of a sore throat and stomach ache, so my daughter contacted

HEALED from SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) And Gut Problems!

“Good morning. My name is Micah Simari and I’m from USA. For 9 years starting in 2011 and ending 2020, out of nowhere I developed a condition called SIBO. It had restricted my diet to a specific diet known as the FODMAP diet. The condition in simple terms is a bacteria imbalance within your gut

HEALING From The Issue Of Blood!

“Emmanuel! My Name Zainab Odey and I live in Accra, Ghana. Since January 2020, I have been bleeding heavily up until 20th June 2020 after touching the screen during the introduction of the ‘Distance Is Not A Barrier: Interactive Prayer Sessions’ on Emmanuel TV. Prophetess Angela asked us to send our prayer requests, so I

Delivered In The Dream From EVIL ATTACKS!

“Good Morning and Win Today. My name is Mr Rodgers Joseph and my wife’s name is Maria; we are from Tanzania. I got married to my wife in January 2019 but ever since we got married, we faced severe spiritual attacks during the night. This was a very big challenge for us and the situation

Healed From AMNESIA After Nazareth Meeting With TB Joshua!!!

“My name is Dr. Aniekan Okon Akpanekong, a native of Akwa-Ibom State, residing in Canada. Amnesia was a medical problem that affected my academic pursuits. I experienced severe memory loss that prolonged my doctoral program in Canada. I had to abandon the program in 2016 after seven wasted years and re-enrolled at Walden University in

Healed From SEVERE Menstrual Pains!!

“My name is Mrs Mogogi Leburu. I am 38 years old from Botswana. I have been suffering from severe menstrual pains since I started my period in 1998 – over 20 years ago. I couldn’t do anything unless I took painkillers, which I usually took six tablets per day. Whenever I went to hospitals, I

Delivered From Spirit Of Masturbation!!!

Good Morning and Win Today. My name is Friday Kongwa from Zambia. My problem was the spirit of masturbation. It all started in my early teenage years. A friend of mine introduced me to pornographic movies and we started watching them. In the process, I started to masturbate each time I watched. This affected me

HEALED Of Difficulty In Urinating!!!

Good morning, people of God. My name is Odike Jones Ijale from Nigeria. I was having the problem of difficulty in urinating for four years. It had affected me in so many areas of life. I was always restless at night. At work, I could not perform my duties effectively. Even when I went to

Delivered From Spiritual Husband and Bedwetting!!!

“Good Morning and Win Today!!! My name is Mrs. Doris Uche Ihezue from USA. My double testimony goes like this: On December, 2014 my husband had the privilege of visiting The SCOAN and by the special grace of God, he was blessed to receive the anointed Faith Bracelet from Prophet TB Joshua. On April 15th,

Weight Loss (120kg to 63kg) Through WATER THERAPY!

“Good Morning and Win Today! I have been struggling with my weight since I was young. I couldn’t stand or walk for long, always experienced shortness of breath and was extremely lazy. I had tried several gyms and diet plans but it was to no avail. I wanted to go the surgical way (liposuction) to

DELIVERANCE Through Emmanuel TV!!!

“Good Morning and Win Today! My name is Nomsa Jele from Swaziland. My testimony goes like this: I have been experiencing terrible nightmares. I often dreamt of eating and also seeing dead people. I would also dream of myself at either my primary or secondary school. These dreams affected me adversely as I experienced delays

Miracle Job!!!

“Good morning! My name is Kayle Lawrence from South Africa. I would like to say that distance is NOT a barrier to the Holy Spirit. My partner prayed along with Prophet TB Joshua, believing God for a job. The very next day he was called for a job!!! This is someone who had been struggling


“Good Morning and Win Today! My name is Puleng Ntoi from South Africa. My husband was drinking alcohol and he had not been saved. In 2016, he started to pray with the man of God on Emmanuel TV. He touched the screen in faith and suddenly felt a supernatural shock in his right hand and


“Good morning. My name is Joseph Nonyelim from South Africa. Glory be God Almighty! Emmanuel! I received my healing and deliverance from fear, panic attacks, anxiety, constant headaches and upper left stomach bloating, shortness of breath and chest pain on the morning of 5th June 2020. “I was watching Emmanuel TV and one of the

Healing From Sore Throat And Neck Lump Through Emmanuel TV!!!!!

“Emmanuel! Hello people of God! My name is Ruffina Rena. I am from Marshall Islands but reside in the United States. I had a sore throat and lump in my neck which caused me to barely eat and hardly breathe. “I discovered Emmanuel TV through YouTube in 2019. One night, I couldn’t sleep because of

Delivered From Sleeping With A Strange Woman In My Dreams!!!

“Emmanuel! People of God, good morning! My name is José Adams. I’m from Sokoto State, Nigeria. The problem I had in the past was that of a strange woman who used to come to me in my dreams and sleep with me. I would wake up and find myself wet. “This has affected everything about

Healed From Anxiety!!!

Good morning and win today! My name is Joyce Kondegri. I am married to my husband of 16 years and we have three children. We are from Ghana, but live in the US. I was diagnosed with anxiety In summer 2018 and I have been taking medication since then. Last year in November, my husband


“Good morning! My name is Stanley Mathotho. I am a Zambian by nationality. This is my testimony! I was a bedwetter since childhood. It was shameful and embarrassing! As a young person, I could not spend nights at any other place than my parents place. I was so traumatised and depressed such that i couldn’t

Ceased Menstruation Restored!!!

“Good morning! Emmanuel – God is with us! My name is Catherine Nkhoma from Zambia. I had a problem of ceased menstruation for more than 10 years. During these years, my period would come and go. Sometimes, it would be gone for several months. This problem affected me so much. My stomach was bloated, I

MIRACLE: How God Restored My Son Back To Life!!!

Dear Emmanuel TV Family,  my name is Mwisa Kabuo and I live in Canada. This is my wonderful testimony! Samuel, my seven year-old son, was sleeping on the couch on 30th April 2020 in our living room. The following morning on 1st May 2020 at around 7am, we heard him ‘sleep-talking’ and then even yelling


“Good morning! My name is Mr Evans Edugie. When I got married to my wife, we tried to have a baby but for over four years, there was no pregnancy. This was a very big challenge for me and sometimes I asked myself if she was truly my wife or whether it was a family

Delivered From Drunkenness!!!

Good morning my lovely family. I’m Annastancia Akoth Ochieng from Kenya. I thank God for Prophet TB Joshua and his efforts to pray for the whole world tirelessly. Here is my testimony. I have a small school that I’m running. Despite the challenges, this is what my siblings, my family and my extended family and

Permanent Blessings and Immediate Breakthrough After Prophecy!

“Good morning Emmanuel TV family! My name is Jianli Wu from USA. I returned to my country from visiting SCOAN on July 23rd.  I arrived at home safely with all…

Successful Completion Of MBA Degree Aged 63!!!

“Good morning! My name is Edward Manda. I recently successfully completed my Masters of Business Administration (MBA) at 63 years old. Initially, I enrolled for the MBA program in 2004,…


“My name is Engr. Aduma Kingsley. I am from Nigeria. Emmanuel!!! People of God, on Sunday 19th May, 2019, I worshipped the Almighty God at the Synagogue Church of All…

Career Breakthrough After Releasing Forgiveness!!!

“Emmanuel! My name is Engr. Osawe Patrick, a Nigerian. I graduated in 1999 and since then, I have been believing God for a good job. To God be the glory…


“My name is Obedience Zitha from South Africa. For over three months,  I’ve been battling with headaches. I couldn’t walk for a long distance or concentrate for long. This affected…

Healed From Bacterial Infection!!!

“Emmanuel!! I am Rachel from Zambia. A few days ago, I was diagnosed with a bacterial infection in my bladder. I was put on antibiotics which I took for four…


“My name is Susan Malumo Makando. I am a Zambian national resident in Namibia and married to a Namibian, Mr. Francis Makando. My testimony goes like this: “On Wednesday 17th…

"My Son was HEALED By Praying With TB Joshua!"

“My name is Sydney Anaegbulem from Imo State. My son, Sydney Caleb Alaezechukwu had been suffering from chronic pneumonia but he was healed by touching the Emmanuel TV screen and…


“My name is Evelyn Ayoo and I live in Abuja, Nigeria. I was at home on Sunday, 12th May, 2019 watching the Sunday Service on Emmanuel TV when I saw…

How My Family was Spared From A Deadly Tornado Through Morning Water Ministration!!!

“Good morning. My name is Janice Kwofie. Recently – as an Emmanuel TV Partner – I was blessed with the New Morning Water from Prophet T.B. Joshua. Little did I…


“My name is June Panday and I’m from South Africa. I was suffering acute pain as I couldn’t urinate. A little while after watching Emmanuel TV and laying my hands…


“Good morning! I am Margherita Caputo, an Italian living in Dublin, Ireland. I attended the Emmanuel TV UK Revival in Sheffield on June 1, 2019. By God’s grace, I was…


“Good morning. My name is Patricia Mensah. Just a week after my wedding, I had a dream one night and saw a woman came and sleep with me. Since that…

Prostate Enlargement & Heart Problem HEALING!

“My name is Jonathan Racpan. I am giving this testimony on behalf of my father because he does not know much about using the internet. My father’s name is Lorenzo…


“Dear Man of God and all prayer partners at SCOAN, my name is Thiengneilhing Changsan from Haflong, Assam in India. Right now, I am in Bangalore. “I have been watching…

FREED From The Spirit Of Woman!!!

“My name is Mthombeni Nkhensani and I’m 23 years old from South Africa. I normally had strange dreams where I would be making love with a woman. Physically, I would…

Two Worms Came Out As TB Joshua Prayed!!!

“My name is Raphael Chimezie from Nigeria. I was lying down one night when I suddenly heard something like a ‘gunshot’ and felt something entering my right thigh. As I…

Delivered During The Emmanuel TV UK Revival!!!

“My name is Jessy Kyalo Musyimi and I am a Kenyan living in Norway. I have never been to The SCOAN but I follow and watch Emmanuel TV daily. This…

Released From Prison Through Emmanuel TV!!!

“Man of God, my name is Malcolm Mwayo Mulilo. I am from Choma in Zambia and I am 25 years old. I was sentenced to eight years in prison for…


“My name is Nweke Joseph; I am a Nigerian. My son was delivered through an operation on 03/02/18 which was Sunday morning. His mother was discharged with him on Tuesday…


“Good morning! My name is Paulina Awini from Ghana. I was suffering from a spinal disc prolaspe for a year until I went to The SCOAN on 9th June 2019.…


“My name is Nandipha Margret Osei-kusi Blankwa. I am from South Africa, living in Israel. I have been sick since 2012. I was under treatment in South Africa just to…


“Good Morning. My name is Esther from Namibia. I was at The SCOAN last year on 21/01/2018. I was privileged to receive a prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua where he…

"My Lungs Came ALIVE!"

“Emmanuel! Glory be to God! My name is Aigerim Ilmukhamedova. I am 28 years old and I live in Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan. I want to testify that God did…

My Daughter Swallowed Metal Nut, Healed Through MORNING WATER!!!

“My name is Okoro Jane, based in Lagos State, Nigeria. I want to testify to what the God of Prophet TB Joshua did for me through the medium of Morning…


I’m Omara Paul from Uganda. In September, 2018, my pregnant wife, Milly Nakyejjwe, had a normal delivery at the International Hospital, Kampala (IHK). However, after a few weeks, she started…

BREAKTHROUGH In Career, Finances, Family!!!

“I am from Philippines, a country far from Nigeria. I want to testify that through faith given by GOD by touching the screen on Emmanuel TV, my career and family…


I am Emily Okundaye from Italy. Three years ago, after my mum had pestered me so much to come to Nigeria, I finally went to The SCOAN. I met an…

Healed From High Blood Pressure!!!

“Emmanuel! My name is Paul Mwanza from Zambia, aged 42 and married with a daughter. During the Live Sunday service of 12th May 2019 at The SCOAN, God touched me…

Brain Damage DISAPPEARED!!!

“My name is Barbara Adjani from Ghana. I have a wonderful testimony to share about my sister’s child. Omotola Mohamed was born on 12th May 2009 in Accra, Ghana by…


"I Am A Living Testimony Of Emmanuel TV..."

Happy birthday Emmanuel TV! God has used Emmanuel TV and Prophet T.B. Joshua to touch, heal and deliver so many lives including me. I am…

"I Became Addicted To Emmanuel TV..."

“One day I was sitting in my sister’s house watching TV; it was a Sunday morning. I asked my sister if she was not going…

"Through Emmanuel TV, The Spiritual Husband Stopped Visiting Me..."

“I discovered Emmanuel TV through my friend when I told her about my problems. I then tuned into it and from that day in 2010,…

"I Am No Longer Smoking, Drinking Or Cheating On My Wife..."

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMANUEL TV! I am a Zimbabwean but living in Botswana. I was introduced to Emmanuel TV by a workmate in 2009 after he…

"I Thought Emmanuel TV Was A Nollywood Film..."

“Good morning. I first saw Emmanuel TV at a friend’s house but I thought it was one of those Nigerian Nollywood films. After I met…

"I Gave My Life To Jesus Christ Through Emmanuel TV..."

“Good morning! Happy birthday Emmanuel TV! I started to watch this channel in 2013. I was one of the bad guys in my country, terrorising…

"I Discovered Emmanuel TV Through The Technician Who Installed My New TV..."

Neema Henry Rushema from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania “I discovered Emmanuel TV through the technician who came to fix my new television. After he finished,…