With spiritual foresight, a vehicle owner puts the Morning Sticker on his rear windshield. A crash leaves the car badly damaged. But amazingly, the occupants emerge unhurt!

The traffic light flashed: STOP! Did the driver of the minivan see it? Or did he hope to make a quick dash across, the warning sign notwithstanding?

It was December 21, 2016; another busy day. Anthony Kobla Kpetsey would have loved to take his two and a half year-old son to the daycare. He couldn’t, and the job fell to his cousin.

CRASH!!! The collision was deafening, as the minivan ploughed into the bonnet of the car, shredding its metallic frame, sending airbags inflating.

Sympathisers feared the worst, as they rushed to the scene. To their amazement, however, they found the occupants unscathed! It looked too good to be true. At the emergency ward where they were taken, the doctors’ doubt was also put to rest – NO DAMAGED ORGAN!

“This very child was given to us by the power in the name, Jesus Christ, through the Morning Water. And we will like to thank the Almighty God for saving him and my cousin,” Anthony exclaimed.