“EMMANUEL!!! I would like to share my wonderful testimony. My name is Dunmore Sana. I am a 26-year-old Zimbabwean residing in South Africa. As a young man passionate about community development work, I got accepted to be a part of 27 young global leaders fostering positive socioeconomic change to meet for Young Leaders Retreat Program in the USA in July, hosted by an organisation called Miracle Corners of The World at New York University. I was so happy because I always desired to travel to USA. I went home to Zimbabwe in April to apply for a US visitors visa but unfortunately, my application got rejected. The reason was no strong economic or family ties, meaning they wanted me to show that I have assets, employment, wife or kid/s to come back home to. All this I do not have as I am a student pursuing a Masters Degree in Economics in South Africa. I was so hurt and depressed, travelling all the way only to be rejected and the thought of missing this lifetime opportunity of an all paid expense to attend the social entrepreneurship program.

I came back to South Africa. I was so hopeless and felt like a failure. I just started to remember the teachings of Prophet TB Joshua. He said: “It honours God the more when we trust in Him during hard times.” I always watch Emmanuel TV but I started praying along more with the Man of God. I booked a visa application appointment again which was scheduled for the 13th of June at the US embassy in Sandton, South Africa. I continued praying along with the Man of God. Just before the visa interview, I prayed along in the evening, touching the screen with my visa application document and passport.

Normally the application process is a bit complicated for non- South African citizens. On the day of the interview I was really nervous but I continued praying in my heart saying “Take more of me and give me more of You oh Holy Spirit”. When my turn came to be interviewed at the embassy, to my surprise, the interview took less than a minute and they never asked any complicated questions or requested for any documents. Within one minute, my visa got approved! I was so shocked and overjoyed. It was like I was going to fly with joy. I realised Jesus is really alive and He does love me. I have really seen the goodness of the Lord. I managed to attend the Young Leaders retreat program in New York as a part of the 27 young leaders from around the world. What a great experience I had!

Glory be to God Almighty!!!! EMMANUEL!!!!”