My name is Ibenye Peace,am 35yrs. I reside in Abuja, Nigeria. I have visited SCOAN three times with no touch or contact of the senior prophet TB Joshua. I have never been opportune to be in the prayer line even to get a response each time i call the prayer line by number. For that reason, i found my way to SCOAN Lagos. I have being married for 6yrs with no children every effort to get pregnant were all in vain even the IVF was worthless because we lost the planted pregnancy. I became hopeless because Doctors diagnose me with a big fibroid of 12*8cm big and cyst of 8*3.5cm, this was the cause of the failure of the IVF. I was advice for surgery or laparoscopy for the removal of the massive element in my womb. I was depressed because i have done a major operation before that i almost died. I learnt of Emmanuel TV , I visited SCOAN and got the Morning Water by faith. I started Praying and drinking the Morning Water every morning and night, behold after 3 months i went back for a Pelvic Scan To God be thy Glory The big fibroid and cyst was no more. My advice to everyone reading this testimony that God is actually using Prophet TB Joshua. Forget about all the evil things they have spoken about the prophet just channel your heart in his teachings and in the mighty deliverance God uses him to do.