“My name is Anusha Imran. I am currently in my early teens. I am from Pakistan but live in the UK. I attended the event of 1st June at the Sheffield  FlyDSA Arena. Today I would like to share my testimony with all my brothers and sisters.

“A couple of months ago, I started to act strangely in every way. My mind did not work at all. I was always distracted from every good thing. Every time I sat down to study, my mind would race in thoughts of things that were very unnecessary. I would open my phone every couple of minutes and check my social media handles. I was always feeling anxious, constantly curious of what people were doing, if anyone had said anything about me etc. Every time it was time to pray, I would get distracted by the strangest of things such as wanting to clean my room which was already clean. I felt that something was stopping me from reaching out to God. Many months went past and things only got worse. I started to hate life and hate myself. I would constantly argue back with my parents. I became so rude and I didn’t want to but it was like I had lost control over myself.

“The moment I walked into the FlyDSA Arena in Sheffield on 1st June, 2019, I burst into tears. I knew and believed that I would be set free. When it was time for the ministers to pray for deliverance, it’s like I had frozen to my seat. I couldn’t move. My body was numb; I couldn’t stand up. My aunty and cousin had to lift me up. It was as if the thing inside me knew that today was its last day in my life. As the man of God touched my head, my body went numb! I went on the floor, shaking. I couldn’t explain the feeling.

“In fact, from this moment on in my testimony, this is what I was told had happened to me because I do not remember! My aunty tried to touch me and I was fighting back. My eyes were closed but I was not in control. I lay on the floor for about 2 hours. When I felt something in my neck and it was stuck, I  repeatedly said, ‘It’s stuck! Take it out of me!’

“I was there lying down at the front for over 30 minutes until they started to pray for more deliverance during Mass Prayer. That was when I started to shake things off my body and I started to vomit a watery, foamy substance! From that moment I stood up without any support and shouted, ‘Thank You Jesus! I am free!’ I felt like a new person. Till today, I feel new. Jesus, I thank You! I praise you, Emmanuel, every moment of my life! I thank you, Emmanuel TV for coming to Sheffield. My uncle had told me about this event and from that moment, I knew I was going to go, no matter what. Thank you, Jesus. Praise the Lord. I am free.

“I would just like to say to all the teenagers out there that – please, if you are feeling hopeless or not loved, turn to Jesus. He loves us! I am now a child of God. I used to watch miracles happen on TV but I didn’t really know how to believe them. But seeing and experiencing it live, my life has been changed for ever and I feel free and open minded. I love You, Jesus; I love you. Thank you, Emmanuel TV. Praise the Lord!”