Two sisters in Rwanda were doing very poorly in class. With examinations at the corner, chances were slim they would make good grades. But holding faith for the girls, their mother prayed for them and placed “just a little drop” of Morning Water in their mouths. What followed left teachers amazed.    

“Emmanuel! I am Patricia Latham. I live in Uganda. I received Morning Water from a friend, a Nigerian, who lives in the U.K. I kept a part of the Water for my family’s use and sent some to my sister, Joan, who lives in Rwanda.

“My sister’s twins are in S 4. They had been having a lot of trouble with their studies. It was so bad, their teachers failed to notice them in class because their grades were very low . Two weeks ago, as they left for school, to sit for their examinations, my sister prayed for them and put just a little drop of Water in their mouths.

“When the results came, the girls passed with first grades. Hallelujah! All their teachers said it could only have been a miracle. They could not understand how the twins passed excellently.

“We believe many more testimonies will come, as we all, in different nations, share the Morning Water.

“Thank you, Prophet T.B. Joshua, for heeding the voice of the Almighty God.