Marehwanazvo Gofa shared the incredible testimony of how God used Prophet T.B. Joshua to deliver her – even when she had never heard of him…

“I came to know about Emmanuel TV and Prophet T.B. Joshua in 2011. Before that period, my three brothers had passed away mysteriously within 4 months and after 2 years, I lost my only sister. After the death of my sister, I cried the whole night and when I slept, in my dream, I found myself standing in a dark pit – like a grave. I then saw Prophet T.B Joshua – although by that I had never even heard of him. He came to me and said, ‘COME!’ I then raised my hand, he took hold of me and pulled me out of the pit, out of that grave! I started crying to him that all of my family members were dead and he simply said, ‘IT’S OVER!’ When I looked to my right, I saw two women who were very angry and then walked away. That was how I woke up from the dream!

“That morning, I and my husband were browsing for church channels when we discovered Emmanuel TV and saw Prophet T.B. Joshua for the first time. I told my husband and children, ‘Thats the man who helped me in my dream!’ Since then, we began watching Emmanuel TV 24/7. The next day, I had a dream where I saw the snake which used to pursue me had a cut in its mouth. It was still pursuing me and when I ran, it jumped and curled itself around my left hand. In that dream, I panicked and then woke up! I went straight to watch Emmanuel TV and as the prophet was praying, I touched the screen. I stretched my left hand, which was feeling very heavy after the nightmare. As I was praying with the prophet, I felt an electric shock on my left hand! I immediately felt the sensation that the snake which had surrounded my hand in the dream just disappeared! That’s how I was delivered from the evil spirit! Since that encounter, the snake is no longer pursuing me and no one has died in my family! Thank You, God of Prophet T.B Joshua, for delivering me and my family from the spirit of death and snake!”

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