On the TV screen, Prophet T. B. Joshua pronounced the anointed words: “A new dream of breakthrough for you! A new dream of prosperity for you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! Viewers all over the world, I want you to go on your knees. Start your new year on your knees, for you and your household. Begin your new year on your knees. A new dream has come!”

Stephan obeyed.

Ten days later, a testimony was on his lips. “I received a breakthrough in my career. It has been on hold for a few years. But now, I have been promoted as Project Leader! A dream has indeed come true!”

Full of excitement, Stephan declares: “All glory, all honour, all power belongs to Jesus!”

And for the Man of God with whom he prayed, he says: “Thank you, Prophet T. B. Joshua for your prophecy. We love you! God loves you!”

Believe! Your dream is on its way!