“Emmanuel! Our names are Mr & Mrs Anelechi Ikpemo. What brought us to The SCOAN was barrenness after six years of marriage. After the first two years, we thought our inability to conceive and have children was because we were not living together, so in 2013 my wife resigned her job and came to stay with me in Bonny Island, Nigeria so that we could stay together hoping that she would conceive. However when that did not happen, we decided to seek medical help. We began to search for a medical solution and were subjected to various tests by different doctors. Some of them were very painful indeed – but it was all to no avail.

“On 25th June 2017, we visited The SCOAN and were privileged to be arranged for the prayer line where we were prayed for by Prophet T.B Joshua and also freely given the Morning Water. When we went back home, we immediately begin to notice remarkable changes:
– The peanut sized fibroid discovered during the series of test in my wife’s womb disappeared.
– The age long pile in my wife also disappeared.
– The evil attacks such as eating in the dream, having sex in the dream and losing battles in the dream all stopped.
– Above all, we started experiencing peace in our home!

“We continued to minister the Morning Water and pray along with Emmanuel TV, knowing that God was in control! Then in March 2018, my wife missed her period. When she used the home kit test strip to conduct a pregnancy test, it was positive! We were overwhelmed with joy to discover that God had finally visited us – just as He had visited Sarah in the Bible!

“When my wife calculated her expected date of delivery, it was to be in November and to the glory of God on 27th November, my wife went to hospital and delivered a bouncing baby boy: Nmesomachukwu Chimbuchi Joshua! This month in April 2019 we had our baby dedicated to God! While we were in the celebration mood, my younger brother and his wife who also had been waiting on the Lord for a baby were blessed with a bouncing baby boy – Ebubechi Nathan – on 9th April. One baby can be a coincidence but two babies in the same family in a space of five months can only be God! We want to return all the glory to God of wonders who keeps showing Himselff faithful again and again in our lives. TO HIM ALONE BE ALL THE GLORY!!!!