“Greetings in Jesus’ name. My name is John Chua Yu Sheng from Singapore. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, this is my testimony of how I turned from the power of satan to the power of God. How I turned 180 degrees from darkness to light. This testimony is to show that Jesus is still very alive today!

“I started with attending a Presbyterian church when I was young. Even though I was reading the Bible, I was not reading the Holy Bible! I felt I was reading history, literature. Truly you can never understand the Bible without the Spirit, for His Word and Spirit must marry. When I was 14 years old, the Lord miraculously showed me Emmanuel TV when I was in my room. I still remember the video was “a demon sees angels in church”.

“I was exposed to God’s power and the verse, ‘Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever’ was fulfilled in me, as I continued to grow my faith by watching the channel. However, I had not fully submitted to God. The Holy Spirit had descended on me but did not remain in me as I did not obey His commandments. About last year, when I started to truly submit myself to the Lord, then I started to receive the blessings from God through Emmanuel TV. I realise what what was hindering the flow of God is my own heart was the conflict with fleshly desires and worldly thinking. If the blessings of God are to flow, the heart must be free to attract the Holy Spirit.

“Soon after my submission to Jesus whole-heartedly, the prayer along with TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV became highly effective! I was delivered from:

  • The spirit of lust – masturbation and pornography of all kinds, lustful thoughts and desires,
  • The spirit of depression – having sought to kill myself a couple of times,
  • The spirit of anger – getting extremely angry over small matters,
  • The spirit of fear – a thing that is even more deceptive than satan himself, from being afraid of the dark to worried about my future,

“These were all the things of the past! The man controlled by satan’s devices was gone! After my deliverance through the screen of my electronic devices, I knew I would have to maintain my deliverance by means of not grieving the Holy Spirit. I started to make reading the word of God in spirit a habit, and watching the channel sent from God, Emmanuel TV, even more frequently. I had Emmanuel TV on from the time I woke up till I went to sleep.

“I stopped using Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media which were a distraction for me to get me to the place of my destiny. I resisted the temptations from the devil and the Lord further blessed me, I saw a tremendous jump in my studies! I had bad O-level scores, getting 25 points for 5 subjects – but I rose to become the first in my entire polytechnic diploma course out of hundred over students. I had a GPA of 4.0, 2 As and 3 Distinctions in my latest semester. By God’s grace, I received many awards, such as:

  • Diploma prize – awarded to the top performing student in the course of study,
  • Module prize – awarded to the top performing student in the module,
  • Republic award – awarded to students who have demonstrated exceptionally good character.

In addition, I will be receive an award from the President of Singapore, Halimah Yacob in recognition of my leadership and community services! I then went on to apply for a scholarship; it was smooth. I made it to the interview round and there came a 1-hour long wait for the interview. Instead of reading on the policing materials, revising on what I should say in the midst of the panel interview, I read on the sermon notes that I had made in my phone, and by God’s grace, I got the highest tier of the scholarship – merit. From the scholarship, I will be seeing a financial breakthrough although I am studying and only 18 years old! I will be receiving S$84000 equivalent to 22million Naira, and this is not counting the school fees paid by the government of Singapore for me. The prayer of blessing from the prophet is alive and the Jesus in him is very alive. Indeed prayer through YouTube with TB Joshua “receive your breakthrough! Receive your deliverance! Financial breakthrough!” is all real and alive. Hallelujah!

“There was once where I woke up with a severe headache where I could not even sit; I would have to lie down to feel good. I went on to seek prayer through Emmanuel TV, and after a couple of prayers, I felt something was stirring in my body and I vomited in the toilet. The terrible headache was gone in an instant and I did a cartwheel immediately after the prayer. Hallelujah!

“Truly, as a Christian, we are just learning how to live in this world for it is not our real home, but with the Spirit’s help, all things are possible. Glory be to Lord Jesus only, only and only!

“I do hope that the Lord will use you who are reading this and allow me to testify fully in SCOAN for the glory of the Lord. The best is yet to come!