“Good morning and win today! My name is Phumla Mpupu from South Africa. I’m a Medical technologist working in one of South Africa’s biggest diagnostic laboratories.

On 23rd January 2016 I slipped at work and hurt my right foot as I was looking for the sample to process a test requested by a doctor. I went to the emergency room, an x-ray was done and the doctors told me that it was just a sprain. However, to my surprise my foot got worse as time went by. I visited the doctor several times with no help. He told me that my tendon was broken and I must go for an operation, which I disagreed with him.

I suffered from pains for four long years, especially when I’m at work. The winter periods were my biggest nightmare. However, by the grace of God, I visited The SCOAN from 22nd to 29th January 2020 and received prayer. I want to testify that ever since I came back from The SCOAN, I have never experienced any pains! I would like to give glory to God! Emmanuel!!!”