Anicet Philip from Tanzania was among the Emmanuel TV viewers who were watching as Prophet TB Joshua prayed for viewers form the site of Paul and Silas’ imprisonment in Philippi, Greece. The results were immediate!

“For about five years, I was experiencing a back pain that grew severely to the point that I could not even bend! Sometimes, it attacked me while I was trying to bend and I could not stand up straight. Recently, I started using very strong painkillers called TRAMADOL every time i went to bed. On Sunday 28th August 2016, as I was watching Emmanuel TV and the clip of Prophet TB Joshua’s visit to the place where Paul and Silas were chained, he said that the Lord led him to use that same place as a point of contact to pray and break all kinds of bondage and chain-binding in our lives! I stood up and went to my TV set and touched the screen for prayer. I prayed along, believing and immediately after the prayer, I felt something left me! I felt light very light and that is when i realised i have been instantly healed from my back pain! Thank You, Jesus!”

We encourage you right now to pray along with Prophet TB Joshua and believe God for your own healing, in Jesus’ name: