“Emmanuel! My name is Ntoko Bertrand Ndie, a Cameroonian residing in the United States. On April 9, I had to make a three hour drive to a training conference. I woke up that morning and prayed, ministering the Morning Water in my car and asking the Lord to cover my car with the blood of Jesus so that I may drive safely to my destination.

“One hour to my destination, I had an accident where I overtook a truck and discovered I had to suddenly do a right turn. I couldn’t slow down to make the turn because of the truck directly behind my car. I was forced to make that turn without slowing down. My car slid diagonally across the opposite side of the road, hit the curb and skipped over it. Normally, in that type of situation, the vehicle would have flipped over multiple times!

“However, I came out of the car with no scratch and the only thing I noticed was the driver’s tyre that hit the curb was damaged. The rest of the car was in perfect condition! I replaced the damaged tyre and drove off to my training conference, which I made on time. To God be the glory for saving me! Emmanuel!!!”