“Good Morning! I am Iohannis from Oradea. Romania, the father of Deborah. She complained of stomach pain and we went to the hospital where she was found to have abdominal tumours. After some treatment, she was transferred to another state, the children’s hospital at Timisoara, where they operated on her to remove one of the tumours that was so big.

She had septic shock and went into a coma for 13 days. The doctors gave up on her and they said the tumour might have metastasised to her brain. I was so sad because I lost my wife because she had a tumour and my daughter is so young.

I met a Doctor, who introduced us to Emmanuel TV, sent us some Emmanuel TV prayers and testimonies videos. She sent a prayer request for us to Emmanuel TV and also prayed with us. A few days later, my daughter regained consciousness! Now she can eat, talk, remember things she did in the past. She even wants to continue with her school work which she had to stop when the whole sickness began and she can walk.

The doctors are so surprised about her quick recovery and I told them that God has done it. Thank you Emmanuel TV for praying for my daughter and I thank God for bringing my daughter back to life.”