Jonathan was rescued from ‘the valley of the shadow of death’ because of the Morning Water he ministered that fateful day…

“Good morning SCOAN! My name is Jonathan Lemayian Toshi from Kenya. I work in the Kenya Revenue Authority Customs Department. I would like to glorify God Almighty for such a wonderful thing He did in my life. On 8th May, 2017, I was transferred from Mombasa to go and work at a place called Liboi which is on the Kenya-Somalia boarder, as a customs enforcement officer. I carried with me a bottle of Morning water given to me by a friend.

“Whilst on our way from Liboi Town headed to Garissa, unknown to us, the Al-Shabaab terrorists had placed a landmine on the road. It exploded below our vehicle while we were travelling at a speed of 100km/hr! This blew our vehicle – a land cruiser pickup – several metres high above the ground. By the time we landed back to the ground, the vehicle was completely written off. However, to the glory of God, because of the prayer I offered that morning when I ministered the Morning Water, nobody died. This is unheard of as similar incidents have always resulted in fatalities! Incredibly, I was not hurt even anywhere, except a small injury to my forehead!. I thank God who used Prophet T.B Joshua to save my life and all those travelling with me. All the praise goes back to God! EMMANUEL!”

‘Thank You, Jesus’ is a response from a happy heart. – T.B. Joshua