Jacobina knew of Emmanuel TV. I mean, who in Namibia didn’t? But for many years, he was nothing more than a casual onlooker – and a cynical one at that. Only when life’s challenges tightened their noose around him did the young Namibian return to the very channel he once mocked. This is his story…

“Emmanuel! My name is Jacobina Engombe from Namibia. My testimony goes like this: For 20 years I have been addicted to alcohol and gambling. I went from church to church in search of deliverance but to no avail. This has even caused me to lose my job as I stole money from the company I worked for and gambled it away. I was without a job for two years and even left my 2 kids to struggle for themselves.

“Even though I used to watch Emmanuel TV before, I never really believed. I would usually only watch it when I was facing trouble but then quickly forget about it soon after. However, at the beginning of this year, I really got tired of my life and decided to be serious with Emmanuel TV! I started watching it day and night and I saw how people got delivered, healed and blessed just by watching and praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua!

“On February 3rd 2018, I had a dream about Prophet T. B. Joshua. He was about to address a crowd of people here in Namibia. When he walked past me, I shouted: ‘Man of God, please help me!’ He turned around, placed his hands on my head and I passed out! When I woke up, I started crying. Since that dream, I stopped drinking beer completely and I no longer have any desire to gamble!

“On March 3rd 2018, I saw the prophet in my dreams again. As he prayed for me, I started vomiting all sorts of things. When I woke up, I felt so good! That is when I knew that I was totally delivered. Praise the Lord! I am now looking forward to get a good job and move on with my new life. God is good, all the time and His time is the best. I am now a new person, watching Emmanuel TV 24/7!”

Are you facing a similar challenge? We encourage you to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua: