NAME: CHIKA OKPALA, better known as Chief Zebrudaya Alias 4.30
Partner number: NG015449.
1.When my son Henry Afam Okpala was set to travel to Belarus Russia State Technological University, Belarus Russia to read masters degree in Telecommunication Engineering in October 2012, I came with him and my dear wife to seek the face of God for his travel and endeavor in Russia. Man of God, prophet TB Joshua prayed for him and my entire family and gave us anointing morning water.

After six months he telephoned and complained of heart-ache. His mother and I advised him to see a doctor over there. The doctor diagnosed a hole in his heart. We asked him to apply his anointing morning water on his chest and drink some each time he is praying. The mother and I were also praying for him as we anoint his picture. Afam did as we instructed him. Behold, after two weeks he was discharged from the hospital without undergoing a proposed heart surgery. He was ok for the rest of his eighteen (18) months course in Russia in flying colors. When he came back to Nigeria, he did not waste a month to gain employment with NUC – National Universities Commission Abuja. Children of God this is a miracle and a gift of joy.
2.My only daughter Anita Ogechukwu Okpala who is very prayerful with anointing morning water after her youth service, did not waste two weeks to gain employment with TETFUND Abuja and to the glory of God, she did not waste a year to find her better-half. She is now married to Mr. Iduma
3.My dear wife Omunuzua Christiana Okpala – a prayer warrior always with anointing morning water, an Evangelist in making by the grace of God gained employment with Federal Ministry of Education after several attempts.
4.On my own path, it has been miracle galour. I never missed the application of anointing morning water during my prayers for God’s grace and thanksgiving.
a.I was made Ambassador to National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) and Award a grant to read masters in Masters of Business Administration in 2014. This adds to Masters Degree in Mass Communication already obtained from Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT).
b.I was appointed Malaria-no-more “messenger” in 2015.
c.I was appointed National Leprosy Ambassador – an advocate for mercy and sympathy for people affected by leprosy in Nigeria and Africa in 2016.
d.I was appointed Glo Ambassador
e.I was appointed Glo consultant in the Glo TV comedy series – professor John Bull in 2016
f.I was inducted African Goodwill Ambassador 2015 in Los Angelis USA. All expenses paid to and fro US.
5.With anointing morning water I was able to overcome my late mother’s fetish believe that once you knock down your building for major renovation you can hardly rebuild it. Nine (9) months ago, I prayed at the threshold of my building, sprinkled the anointing morning water around the house and the rooms praying God to grant me the grace and courage and resources to accomplish the renovation in my country home. Brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. God answered me through the medium of anointing morning water. The photograph of my country is attached. All should please help me praise God… Praise …. Praise …. Praise the Lord …. Alleluia!
Prophet TB Joshua may Chineke God continue to replenish the source of the anointing morning water. May the tank never dry for ever – Amen.
I will not forget that in February 2015, an honored invitation came from his Excellency the president of the Republic of The Gambia, – H.E Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya A.J.J Jammeh. To attend the 50th anniversary of The Gambia. He gave me alongside over twenty (20) Nollywood stars that attended the ceremony a piece of land each in the GRA of their new Capital Layout.
Over here in Nigeria, this year 2016, Dr. Akin Oluwokere the CEO of NUMATVILLE project ltd Abuja Awarded me a piece of land in the Artiste village free of charge. All these favors where made possible by the power of the anointing morning water and bracelet.
People of God – Emmanuel!