Lesifi Ditsame Dudu from Botswana shared this short but powerful testimony concerning the ‘Water Therapy’ recently introduced by Prophet T.B. Joshua.

“Emmanuel! People of God, Good Morning! Since Prophet T.B. Joshua advised us on the importance of drinking water, starting with 1.5 litres in the morning, I kept to that instruction with faith. I have had the problem of blood in my urine for over four years. I have been seen by different doctors, received different treatments and done so many tests without solution. However, ever since I started the Water Therapy, I am happy to testify that it is now a thing of the past! My urine is clear and pure without any traces or stains of blood! I give glory to God Almighty who has healed me and I am also spreading this revelation of how to be healthy by drinking water to everyone I know. Additionally, my body feels so light now and not heavy like before. God Bless you all and The SCOAN ministry.”