“Good morning and win today! Last month, my granddaughter aged seven complained of headaches and her mother who works in a corona ward became concerned and checked her daughter’s temperature which was very high at 38°c. By morning time, my granddaughter started to complain of a sore throat and stomach ache, so my daughter contacted the helpline 111 and she was advised to go to hospital. When she arrived with her daughter, they were seen and her daughter got treated of all the symptoms as reported and given a prescription of antibiotics. Their entire family of 4 were asked to isolate for two weeks. Upon hearing this, I immediately sent a prayer request to Emmanuel TV concerning the situation! 

The next day she had completely recovered from the headache and her temperature subsided! Between two to four days, my granddaughter had recovered fully from COVID-19 symptoms. No other persons in their household was affected even though my daughter and her husband both work as frontline workers. We are all keeping safe and protected by our God, in Jesus’ name. We are so grateful and feel blessed, in Jesus’ name! Emmanuel – God is with us! Thank you Prophet TB Joshua and all the evangelists in The SCOAN for your prayers and support. May God continue to bless and protect you always in Jesus’ mighty name! Amen!”