First, she was introduced to Emmanuel TV. Then she got the Morning Water. Today, she possesses a testimony.

Shekainah Bernadette Nondo dreaded nightfall. The dark hours pushed her into an eerie world of torment. Denied the pleasure of sleep, she woke up bashed all over by satanic forces.

“I couldn’t get a job,” cried the Zambian lady. “And to make matters worse, I faced spiritual attacks. I had dreams in which I was beaten up by spirits. In the morning, I would find bruises all over my body. The devils tortured me terribly. I dreaded closing my eyes in sleep. The situation weighed me down greatly; my face looked like that of a 100-year-old woman.”

Someone in Shekainah’s neighbourhood, however, watched Emmanuel TV regularly. Introduced to the channel, the sleep-scared lady began to view the programmes. “What is in that little bottle in the hand of that man?” she asked one day, as she watched a father and his family testify to the amazing breakthrough they had received. “That’s the Morning Water,” she was told. “It’s a powerful tool given by God to Prophet T.B. Joshua, for deliverance.”

She turned the words over and over in her mind. “D-e-l-i-v-e-r-a-n-c-e. D-e-l-i-v-e-r-a-n-c-e.”  It struck a chord. On memory’s shelf, in a safe corner of her heart, she tucked the revelation away, as her faith began to rise.

There was little surprise therefore when five months after she became a lover of the TV station, “we managed, as a prayer group, to send for one bottle of the Morning Water, which we shared among 20 people!”

Four days after Shekainah took delivery of her ration – less than a hundred hours after she began to minister the Water – a testimony was born! “I was called for an interview,” she said, “and given a job INSTANTLY!”

For three years, she worked with the company. Eyeing more blessings, Shekainah and her friends teamed up again and “sent for another bottle of the Morning Water”. As with the previous time, she began to minister it, looking out for a divine intervention. Did it happen? Absolutely! “I was given another job, which I didn’t even qualify for. It came with a higher pay, such that I could afford to rent an apartment,” she exclaimed.

Free also from her nightmares, Shekainah is thankful to God and to Prophet T.B. Joshua, saying, “but for Emmanuel TV and the Morning Water, I don’t know what would have become of me.”

And if you are wondering what her hundred-year-old-woman-face looks like today, Shekainah Bernadette Nondo proudly added, “I am 29-years-old. And to the glory of God, I now look my age!”