Mrs. Unnicia Shor’s 14-year-old daughter, Lior, always studied very hard. Sadly, the effort never showed in her school report. As examinations draw near, she becomes overwhelmed with fear. Soon, she forgets all she has learned and ends the term with dismal grades. Mathematics particularly proved a hard nut to crack.

Her mother, however, knew faith could always be relied upon to change life’s knotty situations. It was a lesson she returned to Israel with after she visited the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in August 2015.

During her stay, she was privileged to be prayed for by the Man of God, Prophet T. B. Joshua. She was also blessed with the Morning Water and Sticker, and Faith Bracelet. “I returned to my country a new creature in Christ Jesus; my past all over,” she testified.

“Lior! Lior! Lior!”

“Yes, mum!” answered the teenager, running into the room. “What’s that? It’s beautiful. Is it for me?” Lior asked, as she watched her mother bring out a multi-coloured bracelet from a bag.

“This is the Faith Bracelet,” she said, motioning to her to move closer. It was now apparent the shiny object was destined for her little wrist. Lior smiled with excitement.

“You’ll meditate with this, day and night,” Unnicia told her. She pulled the girl nearer still and assured her she could, with prayers, get the best grades in class.

“I showed her how she could send prayer requests to the SCOAN. She began to do this every day. She started to pray with Prophet T. B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV, and also minister the Morning Water.”

Their confidence received a fresh boost when on December 31, 2016, the Man of God delivered the prophetic message for 2017, saying the year would bring a new dream of walking with the Lord and that their faith would not fail. Together, mother and daughter took hold of the prophetic utterances.

The stage for the miraculous was set. “On Friday 21, January 2017,” said Unnicia, “Lior emerged the best student! She topped her class, scoring the highest marks in all her subjects!”

Grateful for the wonderful work, she gives all the glory to God, with a “thank you, Prophet T. B. Joshua for all your prayers.”