Good Morning and Win Today. My name is Christiana from USA. I have a wonderful testimony to share!

What happened is that I lost my iPhone 11 Pro at the grocery store bathroom. I was devastated. I went to the lost and found desk counter but they said they didn’t receive a lost phone report. I called my number with my daughter’s phone but the person that took my phone switched it off because it was going immediately to voicemail. So I called Apple to help me lock my phone so whoever has it doesn’t hack into my phone. But Apple couldn’t help. I tried logging into my Apple ID to try locking it myself but to no avail.

Immediately my husband walked into the house from work, he decided to call my number again. This time, it went through and a man picked up and said his wife brought the phone home from the grocery store. According to the man, immediately he switched on my phone, he saw T.B. Joshua’s picture on my wallpaper and said ‘Oh, I know this preacher! Because of the picture on the wallpaper, I will return the phone immediately to the owner.’

So he said that was the reason he picked up the phone the time when my husband called my number. He asked me to come and get my phone and he gave me his address. I went over to his house to get my phone and I was happy to get it back! I just want to thank God because my phone would have been lost and gone forever but it was the grace of God and that of Prophet TB Joshua’s picture on my wallpaper that I was able to get my phone back. Thank You, Jesus! Emmanuel!