“Happy Birthday EMMANUEL TV! I became an avid viewer of Emmanuel TV since 2008. I watched it the first time in a friend’s house in 2007 but I was not interested because I was surrounded by the people who didn’t believe in the Prophet to the extent of even praying against him. I got sick with cancer at the end of 2008 and had to go to Windhoek for treatment.

“I stayed with my sister who loved Emmanuel TV so much and I had no choice but to start watching with her. I watched how the first Anointing Water was introduced – the one in a little jerry can! The next small bottle was introduced and I was fortunate for a friend to go to The SCOAN who brought me that Anointing Water in a navy blue box. My vision was blurred and messed up by chemotherapy and radiotherapy at that time.

“I used that Anointing Water and my vision was restored to the glory of God. The cancer is also no more – all the glory to God of Prophet TB Joshua! Since then, I have been watching Emmanuel TV and I declared myself a member of Synagogue simply by being connected with SCOAN always. All I can say is thank You Lord and long live Emmanuel TV!”